Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hausfrau Hysteria and Halloween in July

There's this addiction, it's terrible. It's causing me bodily harm, it's eating up my cash, it's keeping me up late hours and distracting me from the important things in life.

The horrible addiction: CRAFTS.

I'm developing calluses on my fingers from sewing. I spent nearly $150 on craft supplies in the past month. I have crocheted numerous hats, sewed a costume for the Half-o-ween party, and painted, etc.

I can't account for the sudden wave of creativity and productivity (I've even baked) but it is not unwelcome. I hope it doesn't leave me too soon.

I think the semi-monthly craft brunches with Miss E are partially the cause for the frequent crafting. Plus having a great idea and an event for which to create a costume. Great motivation.

I never thought this would happen to me but... (not a penthouse letter) I did a couple's costume. I was planning on leaving my Friday night open to hang out with the friends but while telling my mom about my costume I had been working on she asked what my boyfriend was going as. Why did I ever tell my mom I'm seeing someone? It's her new favorite topic. I told her that I didn't even know if he was going and that I try to maintain a level of independence, especially since it's expiration dating (he leaves late next month). She started talking about couples' costumes and I explained that I didn't even know what I would do as a partner with time, the abstract concept I had chosen for my costume. Then it hit me. Space. Call me a geek (seriously, go ahead) but the idea of time and space as a costume pair was too good to miss. I called the BF and left a message on his voicemail that space was his prompt. In the end Miss A and I cut out and pinned stars made from paper plates to his black sweater. Pictures to come later, at least of my costume. He might not want to be immortalized in time and space and the internet with me. Had there been a third place in the costume contest, it probably would have been us. But there wasn't. Apparently the crowd wasn't geeky enough to appreciate our theme.

I managed to get quite good and drunk, I got hit on by random dudes, even as I was standing with the BF, and this old guy turned a normally harmless comment into what seemed like a vague threat to wear my skin by prefacing the statement with "Not to be creepy but..." At the end of the night Miss E came back to my place and we stayed up for a bit drinking beers (or intending to) and watching part of Transylvania 6-5000 (such a strange film out of the 80's) until all of us fell asleep on the couch and bed was suggested. I tucked Miss E in on the couch and headed to bed, exhausted.

Continuing with the domestic drive, I was looking at forms for bunt cakes today at Salvo. So ridiculous. Also, I smiled when I heard a child's laughter today. Someone punch me in the uterus.

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