Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday I slow cooked an entire pork roast to make pulled pork tacos. I live with one person. And she had a dinner date with her brother. At around 6:30 when the meat was already cooked and I was wondering what I would do with 30 tacos, I decided to make a facebook event for an hour later and send out a ton of text messages. How many takers? 2. Luckily I used the bar as my dining room and fed many a hungry man who had come to play poker.

Mr. CP and I were playing pool last night and I was kicking his ass. Well, I won most games. But ass kicking probably involves being skilled and I was not skilled. I made some good shots, but it certainly wasn't the best ever. Perhaps with a level table, unmarred felt, and a straight cue I could be a prodigy.

Miss J is packing her things. Something tells me she isn't going to be packed and out by Saturday. That something is common sense and my vision. The apartment is actually more frightening than before. Not only is it messy and full of junk, it is also now dangerous because of bags and boxes strewn about the floor. The place also looks depressingly bare with all the pictures removed from the walls.

Yesterday I ran into a lawyer friend of mine, she lives very near me. We ran into each other and started talking and then she showed me her home and told me that I was welcome to borrow one of their two cars if ever I wanted. Talk about nice neighbors! The offer alone deserves some baked goods.

Speaking of people being friendly. My friend Miss AG is leaving town (good for her) and donated a bunch of kitchen stuff to me, including matching plates, some glasses, mixing bowls, chopsticks, etc. This works out quite well, since Jessica is leaving and since there was no care taken to have matching dishes or proper cookware before. I also have a couple bread pans, pie pans, and a bamboo mat for rolling sushi. I foresee dinner parties in the future.

Despite some plans falling through and other plans not being made, it must be noted that things generally do work out in the end. I'm lucky like that.

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