Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Take that, technology!

I may be speaking too soon.

My laptop is about six years old. My laptop would be entering first grade. My laptop would have probably lost her first tooth. My laptop had a near death experience, complete with flashing lights and bright colors. My laptop is covered in stickers, missing the V key, and won't play CDs or run iTunes. But she still turns on, goes on the internet, opens Microsoft office programs and will hopefully take a step toward the more functional because I am downloading WinAmp, which also syncs music with iPods and plays music. After all, what more could I need this baby for?

I did not lose the comics I thought I lost. Luckily I hadn't done anything so silly as emptying the recycle bin on my desktop, so the comics were still there. I successfully transferred the files to my external hard drive and have scheduled some comics to post.

Now all that is really left is to send the iPod touch to get fixed (fingers crossed) and I'll have everything in order. I vow to never puke on an Apple product again. Or drop it. Or whatever I did to it that night.

This week I'll have logged over 40 hours because I'm covering a shift and with shifts generally lasting between 8 and 11 hours, I'll have worked about 44 hours this week. I'm just hoping for a freak storm so that people actually want to spend their evening in a basement bar rather than out on a beach. I'll be honest though, when I'm not getting paid to be in a bar, I'm pretty likely to be at a bonfire out North D.

I wound up pulling a really late night, last night. Spent some time with a friend in need, edited a motion for dismissal and tried to install iTunes again. Epic fail on the last count. Today I intended to go outside and play, but I ended up trying to set up appointments and whatnot instead. Slowly but surely I'm working toward being responsible again. It's hard, though.

I know that I'm not going to get some big bail out like the big fancy banks, but I wish for it. It's their fault the economy sucks so bad that I am tending bar instead of working at some grown up job.

I'm not giving up though. I'm still applying for jobs and hoping that for one of them, I'll be the best.

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