Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

I'm not working much these days. Mostly I am lounging in the sunshine, hanging out with friends, and doing outdoorsy things. It's summertime and the living is easy.

Miss C and I have vowed to keep it that way. Sure, we could get other jobs and work too many hours and make lots of money. Or we can work minimal hours and spend a lot of time going camping, lounging on beaches and rowing around in the awesome one-person-rafts we bought at Fred Meyer after our day at Sunshine Cove.

After spending a lovely day eating fruit, lounging in the sun, wading in a cold North Pacific and throwing the ball for Miss C's dog, we had the brilliant idea to buy flotation devices. That will bring hours of fun for weeks or months to come.

I also went to the Rotaract barbecue which was pretty nice. I made a new friend there, she's doing an internship in town and came to the barbecue with another friend of mine. We hit it off partially because I have a tattoo of the German word for love while she has a tattoo of the Dutch word for love. I was given a certificate for being the charter president and given a past president pin, which I wasn't really expecting. I had a half eaten cookie in one hand and was just glad I had chosen to look cute that day since there was a picture of me receiving the certificate and pin. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I left the barbecue after a few hours with the new friend Miss A-Love and Mr. J. We went to Miss A-Love's place and Chicken Yard Park. I am a big connector of people and called my other new friend, the smartest guy ever, Mr. C-wiki-P, to come join us. Mr. CWP ended up talking a bunch, which I knew they would, and Miss A-Love and I talked about a bunch of stuff. Then we all parted ways. I headed to the Alaskan to see AstronoMAR perform for the one night I could and ended up hanging out with the boss and Miss M, Miss L, Mr. LL and others.

I did not end up going kayaking, I sort of bummed around most of the day, but then I went to dinner at the Fish with Mr. CWP and found that three hours passed without much notice and we went to the Alaskan for Open Mic, though everyone else in the world was at Marlintini's for the Stiff Little Fingers (I should have gone!). Open mic was good because I met up with Miss A-Love as well and some of the guys form TGABB played some stuff. I walked home after that and went to bed.

Today I didn't do a whole lot - things like buying sunblock and toilet paper (exciting!) and eating frozen yogurt (not as good as PinkBerry) and then swinging at CYP for a bit before going to work. Work. Where I am missing a sunny First Friday in which my friend has a show. Where I am missing Cinco de Juneau: FIVE bands in FIVE hours with FIVE dollar Alaskan beers and where all of my friends will be, having paid the mere FIVE dollars at the door. Oh, poor me, scratching my mosquito bites alone in a bar with my vodka-soda.

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