Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now That's a Handshake and Other Anecdotes

It's been a busy weekend of working, though not much else. I could do a lot more, but when you work 10.5 hours in one go, doing anything strenuous isn't really that appealing. Sitting in the sun with a novel is about as outdoorsy as I can get on a day like that.

The weekend was much better than anticipated, more people than expected popping in for drinks and all good people. I think I have a lead for getting some art and perhaps some live music in this joint.

I've had some flirtations at work - I consider it to be part of the job. I dress cute, sometimes even somewhat provocatively, and I flirt with my customers. I don't know if it necessarily leads to more tips, though I wouldn't be surprised, but it makes the job more fun. Sometimes I can be completely oblivious of someone flirting with me, though. Last night, for example, a guy in his mid to late twenties sat at the end of the bar. Apparently he was flirting with me, but I hadn't noticed. Not until, on his way out, he shook my hand. Or more aptly put, he gave my right hand a mini massage while looking me in the eyes. Note to suitors, obvious is effective. I definitely knew I was being flirted with.

Today I had a headache and after taking a shower still didn't feel better. I collapsed on the couch and decided to relax and drink water and try to telepathically summon pain relievers. While I was lying, basically naked, in my living room, I was startled to feel the room shake, see the can lights shudder, and realize that we were having an earthquake. Luckily it wasn't anything topping the Richter scale, but it did bring back my only slightly rational fear of being naked when a disaster occurs. Having to flee my home naked or wrapped in a sheet, towel, or blanket is not appealing. I may have to rethink nudity if research shows that Juneau is likely to be hit by a natural disaster.

Speaking of disasters, my favorite toddler was out playing with her dad yesterday. I decided I would join in the playing and was playing a little game of chase the toddler. We were running around on the boss' lawn and porch. She decided to run down the partially unfinished steps with railing on only one side, heading instinctively to the right side - the unfinished side. She fell in the gap and started wailing. I ran over and looked down to see that she wasn't actually injured, just scared, and let her dad pull her up and out of the little space between the steps and the porch. Toddlers are enough to make a girl a nervous wreck. She was running around again in two minutes, but a little more wary of the stairs.

Hopefully the coming days will bring a little more excitement and the sunshine will remain. I have plans to go camping with Miss C and our little rafts.

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