Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Longest Day

What a day to spend in a mostly miserable mood: Solstice. Though a day is still midnight to midnight, yesterday Juneau celebrated the longest hours of daylight of the year. I believe the magic number is 18 hours and 18 minutes.

I was in a basement bar.

To be honest, I wouldn't have enjoyed going to some big bonfire that night, I wouldn't have wanted to spend my evening with hordes of celebrating people. But this would be the first solstice I didn't spend at some big bonfire since being here, and having missed out on the other big bonfire of the year (in memory of Bob Hirsch) and knowing full well that I'll end up missing out on the Independence Day festivities... This only added to existing depression.

Then the power went out. At first, frightening, then a relief. If the power is out indefinitely, there would be nothing I could do at the bar. I saved the logo design I had been working on and secured the bar, grabbing my purse and heading home. I called Miss L on my way home, talking with her and Miss AH. Miss L was going to a bonfire, Miss AH was unsure. Later she called back and invited me to hike Mt. Roberts with her. I had made it home and decided that hiking would be a lovely idea and I changed into jeans and a t-shirt and some dirty, ugly hiking boots. I then grabbed my water bottle and headed back t the Bergmann to pick up my backpack and some other things I had left there. On the way I ran into Mr. CP, who informed me the power was back. I went into the Bergmann and sure enough, power.

Now, if I were a less responsible person, I'd have pretended I had no idea and run off to go hike a mountain with my friend. But for some reason I felt obligated to work, so I took down my "check back later" sign and re-opened the bar, convinced that nobody at all would come and that I'd be bored and miserable and alone the whole night while the rest of the world would be performing primitive dances around bonfires and invoking pagan gods.

But, lucky me, Mr. CP responded to my text about being responsible by showing up and keeping me company. Though it was a slow night, on par with a Tuesday perhaps, I did see a number of people throughout the night, most notably Miss S, Miss LA, and Miss Jx at the end of the night.

Today I was a boring lump and slept easily until almost 2pm. Then I read for a little. Then I got ready and just went to work. Dull day. I did call one dad and now have to call the other. I was sort of dreading it in a way since I never talk to either and we rarely have much to talk about. Luckily we all have lives (could we talk about those?) and our conversations are generally short and relatively painless. Happy Father's Day!

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