Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I feel pretty.

Did the elephant man go out in the sun? Probably not that often.

Since returning to Alaska, where it isn't super hot and humid, I have been doing my hair again. I even bothered to use product. Some volumizing stuff. I think it caused my re-healing rook piercing to get sort of infected. My ear was feeling a bit sore but I can't see it, so when Miss B told me that my ear looked pretty bad, I was concerned. I had to pull at and bend my ear a bunch, but then I saw that my ear looked pretty gross. Elephant Man gross. There was a big tumor like bulge. Gross. That meant that I spent the rest of the night and most of today soaking my ear in nearly intolerably hot salt water to bring out the impurities. It was gross. But now it looks and feels much better. I can go out in public again! But not really. I'm at work at the Bergmann and not enjoying the sunshine and glory of a nice summer day in paradise.

Another thing that makes me feel pretty is wearing pretty things. Yesterday I gave in to the trends and bought a maxi dress. Miss B commented that the word/prefix maxi reminded her of feminine hygiene products, but I convinced her that people definitely used maxi in referring to dress or skirt lengths in this day and age. It's bright purple. Barney the annoying dinosaur purple perhaps. I'm waiting until the right day to wear it - should be a day when I can be seen all day looking fabulous. When will that be?

Since being back I haven't done a whole ton. I worked the whole weekend. That was really great on days when I had customers. On Sunday I didn't have anyone come in until I was contemplating going home early. And they were already pretty drunk and definitely high. If they hadn't been my friends I may have told them that I was closing early. Since they were my friends I served them and welcomed the company. Miss L stopped by too. At 1am I had herded them out the door and started closing. I was making progress until suddenly everything went black and I realized that even the bar can be kind of creepy when the lights are out. I texted the owner that it was dark and creepy and he came over and insisted that I give up on closing and go with him to gawk at the billowing smoke. Apparently something was on fire. Apparently, I discovered later, it was the place where one of my friends live. The power was out for a while and while the roadhouse was mostly saved, the house next door is pretty much burnt to a crispy empty box.

The ubiquitouos they say that bad things happen in threes. Number two on the list of bad things happening (only indirectly affecting me) happened when I was waiting with my backpack packed for Miss K to pick me up to go camping. We were to head out to Eagle Glacier cabin and join my roommate and apparently just one other person. But at 5pm when I was expecting to get a call saying, "I'm right out front" I got a call that said, "I got into a car accident. I won't be able to pick you up." I am a properly concerned acquaintance and was sure to ask if Miss K was ok - not hurt at all, luckily, but her car was totalled. I talked to Miss B who was stuck in "rush hour traffic" which I assured her was actually the aftermath of poor Miss K's car accident and that Juneau hadn't suddenly become some ridiculous big city with problems like traffic.

Instead of camping I ended up walking to the perseverence trail head and then back to Miss B's house via the flume. I didn't get too far on the perseverence trail, which isn't so bad since I was alone and I would much rather have a hiking buddy so, as I told Miss E, I don't die alone if a bear attacks. Miss B and I spent some time soaking up some sunshine and I had a beer (Miss B has joined the ranks of my friends doing weird cleanses and fasts) and then we went inside when the bugs started feasting on us. We watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno which I have determined would not have been a suitable date movie. At least not a first, second, or third date movie.

Speaking of feeling pretty. Another thing that makes a gal feel pretty? When a guy says she's pretty. Or beautiful. Or cute. Or anything like that. I doubt the "gee, thanks" that I manage to sputter after a compliment really expresses my appreciation for hearing such nice things.

Even though I didn't get to go camping, here are the things I am looking forward to doing in the next few days:

  • Going to Eagle Beach with Miss C and Miss E tomorrow to soak up some sun!
  • Going to Sandy Beach tomorrow with Miss K and Rotaract for a barbecue!
  • Going kayaking on Thursday with Miss B!
  • Going out on the town on Thursday for the first time in at least three weeks. Maybe more. I have seen a number of people since being back in town, but it'll be nice to go to the bars and mix and mingle.
And you, fine reader(s) may look forward to reading about these amazing things I do. I am sure it will be way more exciting than the story about soaking my deformed ear.


Sharon said...

Good call on the salt water; just don't use neosporin. They told me it prevents scarring (duh) and what you WANT is a scar inside the hole. So don't use neosporin. *serious nod*

armouris said...

info on feminine hygiene here - Importance of Feminine Hygiene

Melissa Leeanne said...

I think I just got spammed with a site for feminine hygiene... Awkward.