Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How very ordinary.

I may have accidentally deleted most all of the originals of my comics, including one or two which were never posted... Uh oh.

While trying to transfer the files to my external hard drive, I somehow failed. Miserably. I am sort of upset with myself for the mess up.

Technology kicked me in the face on that one.

In better news, I went to a bonfire for Miss R's birthday and consumed copious amounts of alcohol and laughed so hard I may have peed my pants a little. I made some new friends and had a lovely time.

The much anticipated camping trip didn't happen, due to the weather being less sunny. Miss C and I will be either going to see a movie tomorrow or going out with our rafts, depending on the weather.

Sunday, there should be a lovely display of domesticity thanks to a brunch and sewing party being planned by Miss E.

After flipping through a book of ladies' graffiti, I am really interested in doing stickers or posters. Must do some research. I also thought it was neat that artists in Toulouse started using acrylics and brushes for graffiti rather than the traditional spray paint. Though I am tempted to test out that oh so bad medium. Not illegally, of course.

Speaking of books, a friend of mine suggested I read a book he had recently finished and went so far as to bring the book to me the next time he came to the bar. I have started it and have determined that I like the narrative style even as I wonder if I should have outgrown reading books about being in high school. Very little makes me happier than receiving books. I like to give people books to read as well, but I sometimes hesitate because not everyone would be delighted with some of my recommendations. Probably. I'm sort of a book snob aside from the few guilty pleasures like the occasional pop lit and Harry Potter. Handing someone your copy of the Unbearable Lightness of Being might be a little overwhelming.


Myron Davis said...

I can get them back... if you just turn off the computer where your deleted them from, they can be recovered.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Myron - you are my hero. It is off. What do I do to get them back?

Melissa Leeanne said...

Well, thankfully I didn't empty my recycle bin, so all the comics were still there and they have been successfully moved to the external hard drive. What a scare!