Friday, June 26, 2009

Did I miss something?

When I was a wee college freshman, my biggest worry was that I'd miss out on something. I'd stay up, yawning, sitting in the lobby with my new exciting college friends. I don't recall if it was the upstairs R.A. or the area coordinator, but one of those wise souls told me that I wasn't going to miss anything if I went to bed, or even if I did miss something, it wasn't the end of the world.

I still get that feeling I'm missing something on so many occasions. But it's not as bad as it once was.

I went and watched a Swedish vampire movie with Mr. CP. I ran off to the bathroom during the opening credits. When I returned he said I hadn't missed anything. I watched the whole poorly dubbed movie and watched to the very end when the end apparently mirrored the beginning I had missed. Guess I did miss something. I guess Mr. CP had heard good things about the film, but it was sort of slow moving, sort of bizarre, and really terribly dubbed.

Tuesday was a work day of the slow but really pleasant sort. I got to talk whiskey with a handful of guys who stopped in for some drinks. I quite enjoy that sort of things. Mr. CP dropped in as well, which worked out well when most everyone else headed home to sleep before their work days.

Wednesday I had plans to go to the DMV with Miss R. I was attempting to get my Alaska driver's license for the second time. I brought my Oregon driver's license, my passport and I had proof of address. But OH. WAIT. They also want my social security card. I insisted, "I have my passport. That is proof that I am a citizen." Nope. Apparently it takes more to get an Alaska driver's license than it takes to get a friggin' passport. DMV FAIL.

After that adventure of mixed results Miss R and I hit the Hangar for some day beers and sunshine. But I hadn't put on sunblock. So it became an afternoon of day beers and friggin' future skin cancer. Awesome.

Luckily the night would not be spoiled! I had aloe with lidocaine at home, I took a nap, and I brought a couple bottles of wine over to Miss N and Mr. J's place where Mr. J had prepared a beautiful meal with a salad caprese, asparagus, asian marinated dolly varden over garlic cous cous and ribeye slices with aioli on toasted bread slices. Miss N made Thai sweet rice with mango for dessert. We were stuffed and sat around enjoying some of the last time we'd get to spend together before the two move to Skanchorage for Miss N's job.

I had managed to lock myself out of my apartment AGAIN but this time I knew that Miss J had locked the window I used before. Wow. This is awesome. I'm blogging about how to break into my apartment. Maybe that's a terrible idea. Without giving my inevitably existent stalkers an easy in to my apartment, I'll just say that with the help of Miss N and Mr. J, I was able to get into my apartment. Don't tell Miss J.

Thursday I made Mr. CP work late by coercing him into going to lunch during the day when he had lots of work to do. Then I ditched him after a half hour anyway because I had an appointment which got sort of rescheduled for another time. Though I was a little valiumed up, I joined Miss K to do some volunteer work. We worked on the auction for the Bash for Cash benefitting the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. After we had made a lot of progress on that we headed out and I grabbed some vitals for the impending bonfire. The bonfire was for a new Juneauite, Miss AP. I had yet to meet her, but Miss H wanted her to have a nice birthday bonfire so I was invited anyway. It was small, just me and four others, including Miss H, Miss J-M, Miss LA, and the new Miss AP. We had a great time and I feel pretty proud of the little fire I built. I have been living in Alaska for over two years and I've been camping and doing outdoorsy stuff for far longer but I don't think I had ever been the one in charge of starting the fire. I built a nice little pyramid o' wood with some kindling and some cardboard and a piece of printer paper for the tinder. I developed a big red blister on my thumb from using a bic lighter to get things started and had basically given up on the fire entirely and sat down in a camp chair when finally the smoldering paper caught the cardboard on fire and then I headed over and lit more cardboard and stuck it in through the slots, thus starting a bonfire. Yesssss!

Today I did more volunteering for the BfC auction and then headed to work. I am going to starve slowly to death here because I had left behind a quart of Pacific organic Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup for my next work day BUT IT IS GONE. I have a number of frustrations with work, obviously, and as I am sober and in my right mind, they won't be listed here, but DAMN. This is not easy and I definitely don't get paid well enough for what I do. But that's my fault. I took the responsibility on without the compensation. Mostly it benefits me just as much as anyone else. But sometimes it is enough to drive a girl insane.

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