Friday, May 1, 2009

Zombies, Canadians, and Me

Did you hear? Apparently there are cases of the Swine Flu that make people zombies. This happened with some other virus, the heart restarts and then the presumed dead person flails around. Not all cases end in death and not all deaths include re-animation, so it's not a true zombie apocalypse, but I still plan to be prepared.

I can't decide if my lack of concern related to a global epidemic (WHO level 6) is normal or if I am just young and feel invincible. The BBC recommends that if you feel "yourself passing away, then notice your strength and vigor returning at an alarming rate, please attempt to restrain yourself to prevent infection and harm to others." Please, when becoming a zombie, think about your fellow man.

Speaking of zombies - a friend of mine makes fantastic short films and is going to make a zombie film. We were talking at a bonfire recently and I think that I may be commissioned (I think that implies pay, I'll likely be doing it for free) to do makeup for the zombies. AWESOME. You saw some of my work from the zombie party just before Easter. We probably don't even need to make up a plot. He can just say that someone came back from a Mexican vacation with the Swine Flu, died, then came back to life. Then we isolated Juneau-ites must fight off the undead Swine Flu victims. I think that we ought to have a sense of humor about it and only use weapons like carving knives, frying pans, and I bet we can find a Rabbi somewhere.

And maybe in the end we'll flee to Canada where we can actually get health care. Do you like my segue? I'll be in Canada this weekend. Whitehorse, Yukon. I'm hopping on a ferry tonight with some fellow Rotaractors. We'll stay overnight in Skagway tonight then cross the border tomorrow. I didn't leave the country at all in 2007 or 2008. Whitehorse isn't really some sort of exotic vacation spot, but it is outside the US. We are doing team-building games and a dance. Duct tape is apparently our theme. I'm bringing my camera.

I'm missing a lot of work this month! Gone this weekend and then for TWO WEEKS later in the month. It's a good thing I got my TAX REFUND(!) and have been working two jobs instead of just one. I think I'll still manage to pay my bills and rent and afford food and booze. Eventually I'm going to have to make more money so I can save up and buy that upright bass I'm obsessing over. Then also pay for lessons. Maybe I can start a "Help Melissa Buy an Upright Bass" fund. I do have a summer birthday and it is nearly summer AND if you can believe it, it's already MAY. Month FIVE. We're almost halfway through 2009. Also, later this month is my second Juneau-versary. It also marks the start of YEAR THREE in Alaska. All of it has been recorded faithfully in this blog.

And this last bit has nothing to do with zombies or Canadians but last night was Miss JB's last night in town. She and I leave on the same ferry tonight. A group of us went out on the town. We were at the Alaskan where a member or two of Little Black Raincloud Co. were hosting Open Mic and we also spent some time at the Rendezvous where members of Brave Monkey were playing some sweet music. There was dancing and drinking and debauching and cavorting. Yes, even cavorting. And, because it is always healthy to have a ridiculously unrealistic crush, the first Juneau crush was out and kissed my hand. Always a charmer, that one. Some pictures were taken. Maybe you'll get a chance to see some.

Oh, and also on the same Ferry is my current boss at the station and her fiance. Party Ferry? Maybe...

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