Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I did on my vacation. By Melissa.

What did I really do on my vacation?

Well, obviously I did all the things I said I did, plus missed a flight, plus cried about travel stuff, plus read an entire novel before landing in Seattle, plus let a random passenger rest his head on my shoulder, etc.

But really, what? I set myself up to be happy!

Maybe part of the happiness is sun and vitamin D related, but part of it is that I got out and had fun, but I also managed to appreciate "home" a lot more. Home. Not in quotations. Not in italics. I'll admit to it.

So, here are some interesting tales from the East Coast and being back in Alaska, etc.

In DC I got to hang out with the campaign kids! I got to see Mr. C and Mr. A, with whom I had at some point spent well over half my time total and most of my waking hours for much of the time I was on the campaign. I also saw a friend from college, another Mr. C. He let me sleep on a futon. While there I managed to go to a ton of museums and do a lot of sight seeing, went to a couple bars, and I ate more fro-yo. Juneau needs fro-yo. Freau Yeau.

I also saw cockroaches. Ew.

I saw Avenue Q on Broadway. Amazing musical. So relevant. Of course I can relate to a recent liberal arts grad with no plans and no luck. Even if it is a puppet.

I missed a flight, swore, cried, pleaded, and eventually made it home. Between NYC and SEATAC the flight was packed. There was a guy sitting between me and this woman. He was very friendly and seemed really innocent for some reason. Then I found out that he grew up in NYC, is a marine, and recently returned from Iraq. Guess I'm not the best judge of character. After learning that I felt a little weirder about having said, "go for it" when he asked to rest his head on my shoulder.

When I returned, the first thing I got to do was go to Breakfast with Miss A. We hit up the Piper, which we with some frequency if not regularity. We also stopped into Salvo to check for treasures but walked out empty handed. I then went home, relaxed, showered and went to work at the Berg.

Friday was a poker night and featured some friends and all good people. It was a really successful night for the bar and me and it seemed to be a sign that I had come back at just the right time. Welcome home, it said.

Saturday I slept in late to get back into the Alaska time zone and the bartender time on top of that. It's funny to go from waking up at reasonable hours on the East coast to pulling the late night schedule of a bartender on Alaska time. Makes the time difference a bit more.

Saturday night I worked again and many of my friends made appearances and I had a really fun night. I may have been legitimately drunk by the time I closed up, though. Ah, professionalism.

Today I went to brunch at the Alaskan with some friends. We had breakfast foods and Miss C and I drank mimosas - I bought the "champagne" from the liquor store across the street and brought it over. Classy. I also, after actually becoming intoxicated, went to coffee with a new friend. We grabbed coffee and walked around and I dragged him up to Chicken Yard Park because it is wonderful. I snagged us the swings after some children got off. I still think a playground without swings is really not much of a playground.

Now I'm at work again and it's a quiet night, but I've had such a lovely time being back that I can't even be upset or concerned.

It's nice to be someplace beautiful with so many good friends.

Is it the vitamin D? Is it the afterglow of the vacay? Or is it that my life is just really good?

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Ronnica said...

Whatever it is...enjoy your life!