Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Big Fat Adventure

Vacation! Yay!

To be honest, sometimes it is just exciting to get out of Juneau. It's a lovely town, but a small and isolated town.

I have been thinking a lot more about my upcoming trip and I also made some big changes to the trip.

I leave Juneau on May 13th, arriving in NYC on May 14th. I leave NYC on May 27th but instead of flying from Seattle to Juneau, as originally planned, I'm flying from Seattle to Redmond, Oregon. Hopefully I'll also make a little trip to DC somewhere in there - I have friends I'd love to see, but nobody has offered up a couch just yet.

Now, not much of this is very well planned. Call me a procrastinator, seriously, I am a procrastinator - but I think it'll be ok. I am really excited to see friends from college, my time abroad, maybe the campaign. I'm also excited to see a Broadway show, visit more museums, and bask in the big city smog. It'll make my return to fresh, clean Alaska all that much better.

I'll be visiting my family in Redmond/Bend, Oregon and then making my way back up to Juneau via I-5 mostly and the Al-Can highway.

Driving the Al-Can is an adventure - hell, life is one big fat adventure. I'll leave Redmond/Bend and drive to Eugene, where I'll hop on I-5 after hanging out with some friends from High School. On I-5 I'll hit Salem and Portland to visit friends from college. I'll travel further still on I-5 heading to Seattle and Bellingham, where I'll see friends from college, high school, and from my time in Juneau. Then it's the Al-Can. Then I'll be driving through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory until I hit Skagway, where I'll hop on a ferry and take my car and me back to Juneau.

I have to say, it's really tempting to keep driving the Al-Can, going from White Horse to Dawson City, then driving up to Fairbanks. And if I'm in Fairbanks, ought I not to try for the Arctic Circle? Drive further still, passing through Nome and then visiting some tiny village and feeling the cold?

But wait. MONEY. I can't afford to run around jobless and spending money for quite that long.

Anyway, to Skagway and then ferrying to Juneau.

I've been soliciting for travel buddies. I get a lot of maybes and could-bes. A lot of "sounds wonderfuls" and "I'd-love-to-buts." Only one person has said, "I want to come." Only one person has the ways and means and the willingness. I can tell that the others will fall through, I can imagine having to make the drive alone. Or I can make the drive, starting in Central Oregon, with Mr. HG.

I think I described the relationship Mr. HG and I had in a very recent post. At the time I wrote that I was not holding him in high esteem. Now that I'm somewhat distanced from the peeving situation, it's sort of silly. But I have to weigh this out - is it worth it to spend DAYS on the road with a guy you used to have a thing with but don't anymore even though he definitely still wants in your pants or to drive the Al-Can completely alone?



Sharon said...

Don't forget your passport :)

Also, I want to see you but all my May weekends are spoken for. Any chance you can come this far south? I have a futon :)

If not, let me know specifically when you'll be as far south as you'll be, and I'll see what I can do.


Melissa Leeanne said...

Alas, I am on even more of a budget than I was before, especially since I'm going to be spending more time NOT working and adding more to my trip. I think DC is as far South as I'll get.