Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a Small Town Girl

So, everything has worked out and I am in Manhattan. I'm at Mr. D's apartment on Wall Street, an apartment for which he pays more than I earn monthly - whoa! I think that is partially a sign that Mr. D has got some skills, and partially a sign that I need a better job.

Miss J did show up and we did do some cleaning together. Miss J also took our dishes to her parents' house to use the dishwasher (we are such bums) and took most of the recycling. The house is still far from spotless, but it is a vast improvement. VAST.

The landlord, another real estate guy, and another dude who looked sort of contractor-ly walked through our apartment. Literally WALKED THROUGH. They looked at where the fire detector is should be and then headed straight for the other door to get out. I nearly had to yell after them, "Oh, and about my broken window..." Good thing we spent so much time and effort and nearly got into a fight over cleaning the apartment.

Tuesday night I had two members of Little Black Raincloud Co. play some at the Bergmann, it was definitely nice, though we had a really low turnout for this particular event. Who am I kidding, we've had a low turnout for a lot of events. Oh well.

Wednesday it dawned on me that I should (1) do laundry, (2) secure my paycheck, (3) secure a ride to the airport, (4) pack, and (5) give Miss P her gift of a piercing and tip money. Somehow I managed to accomplish all of these things and make it to the airport in time to change my flight to a JNU-SEATAC flight instead of the JNU-ANC-SEATAC flight. This meant another awesome night sleeping in the children's play area. Sleeping became much easier once the children were gone.

This morning I discovered that my flight was going to be a little late, but it didn't occur to me that the not even an hour delay wouldn't give me unlimited extra time. I wandered aimlessly for a really long time and then discovered that my flight was boarding. Oh. I didn't have to run or anything, but I did have to focus on the task at hand and get to my proper gate.

The flight itself was uneventful, I was reading the Atlantic and managed to sleep for much of the flight. Our first attempted landing was a little frightening, the plane seemed to be tottering side to side and I was concerned we might lose a wing on the runway. The pilot decided to bring us back up again, circle a bit, then try again. The second attempt was only slightly less nerve-racking but successful in the end. Probably the first time I've been on a flight on which the passengers applauded once we were safely on the ground.

On facebook I misused the word 'alas,' making my status update look like I had gone on the trip with a death wish (it was noticed and pointed out). The funny thing is... I contemplated a minor plane crash. Honestly, had we crashed in the way it seemed like we would have crashed, we wouldn't have really gotten hurt or anything, we all would have survived, I bet - plus we all could have said, "And this one time I got in a plane crash!" Wow, I ought to be slapped for having thought that.

So, after many adventures on the airtrain, subway, and the streets of New York, I made it to Mr. D's apartment. I took a shower and got ready before heading out to meet Miss K, visiting from Japan, and Mr. S, who teaches in Jersey. That's when the adventures really happened - meeting them in Greenwich Village. I managed to get on the 2 train for one stop, before realizing I wanted to be on the 1 train. Then I accidentally got on the 3 train, thinking it was the 1 train. Then I got on the 1 train going uptown instead of back downtown. I ended up wandering around Times Square until I finally found a subway station where I could get on the 1 headed downtown and showed up about a full hour late. Then it didn't take too long to find Mr. S waving me down, thankfully. He and Miss K were at the Stonewall - a bar which is historic in the gay rights movement - where Miss K was already drunk off of three cocktails. All this getting lost makes me think I've been in Juneau too long - I've become completely incapable of using mass transit! I also looked fairly overwhelmed when I realized that I was walled in on all side with, well, WALLS instead of Mountains. I think that skyscrapers are much more claustrophobic than living in an isolated town surrounded by mountains. Listen to me! Ridiculous.

Mr. S and I had a drink each and we all caught up on our respective lives in our respective cities before heading to dinner, where we continued to catch up while eating some reasonably priced food and giggling over Miss K's drunken state. Miss K took some pictures, in which we both look crazed, but it was really nice to see some friends from college.

Now I'm probably keeping Mr. D up, so I should go to sleep. More news as it comes. Or maybe I'll make you wait!

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Myron Davis said...

You didn't keep me up! And I got to work on time too!