Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here I Go Again on My Own.

Turns out "I'd love to road trip with you" actually means "I'd love to but..."

It's been suggested unanimously that I drive the AlCan with someone, even with someone who wants in my pants, rather than drive it alone. This is looking less and less like an option. With a "maybe, though that money should go elsewhere" here and a "let me know exactly when and I'll see if I'm available" there and then an "I really should be looking for a job and not taking a road trip," it's looking like I might be on that long, long road on my own.

I found a really awesome job for which to apply today. And I did it. I sent a cover letter with attached resume, writing sample, and references. The job is perfect, perfect, perfect for me. Except it would put me in Skanchorage or the MatSu. But it would also have me TRAVELING and SAVING THE PACIFIC OCEAN and doing OUTREACH and all sorts of lovely thing I really enjoy.

Speaking of outreach, I just committed to helping out with a global warming campaign. I think I just got suckered into softcore field organizing without the pay (which wasn't much anyway) but also without the ridiculous time commitment. Look at me being all involved. As always.

The auction is this weekend. If you read this and you are in Juneau, Alaska, please tune in to either KRNN or KTOO this Saturday between 10am and 6pm. That's either 102.7 or 104.3 FM this Saturday, May 9th between 10am and 6pm. You can bid on some awesome items, which are listed (some with photos) at! You can also stream the radio stations online. I also recommend that, no matter where you are, you give KXLL 100.7 FM a listen either via radio waves or streaming from the website. It's my favorite radio station EVER.

We are auctioning off some really cool stuff including a free tattoo and a free piercing from High Tide Tattoo, a glacier tour, jewelry, Aurora Projekt gear, hotel stays, an awesome Mountain Hardware shell, art, a portabe grill, nature books, a digital picture frame, lots of landscaping stuff... but you should check it out on the website.

But after this it is me, what little money I have, a heck of a lot of travel, including going it alone - most likely - on the AlCan. I tried to google the following keywords, "murder alcan highway" and luckily got nothing. I here that Mother Nature is the real killer on that trip though. Here's hoping I don't end up in freak snowstorms or floods or whatever else might befall me. Good thing I've got some extra insulation (F*** YOU, JRC!) and am feisty!

Oh, but one more thing, good Rotaract meeting last night. I am feeling much better about it these days. Miss JR led an interesting discussion about the Four-Way Test, which turned into a bit of a debate but oh boy, do I love debates! Also had a good long talk with Miss BP beforehand, regarding sisterly relationships. I didn't get any definite answers or any really direct advice, but it was nice to talk to someone who would admittedly be just as torn in such a situation.

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