Saturday, May 9, 2009

Auction Action and No Rest for the Weary

I got by butt out of bed an hour and five minutes later than I had planned, so instead of arriving early to work today I arrived just on time. In time to spend a whole day running around up and down the stairs, around the building, from my office to the studio, to gather this or that, to call him or her, to seek out answers... Oh my.

I survived. The radio auction is over. I can breathe. But no rest for the weary - I am already at work at the Bergmann for the night. So from 9 am this morning until 3 am tonight it's work, work, work. Just 6 hours short of a full 24 hours. And if you count that I got up an hour earlier and probably won't get home until an hour later... that's just 4 hours short of a full 24 hours.

I bid on and won a piercing from the new tattoo parlor in town - a gift to my bff Miss P. I bid on and lost kayak lessons for two. I thought about other things but oops, missed out. Probably for the best, since I am certainly not made of money.

I also guest auctioneered during the 1 pm hour with a friendly face. We managed to be witty and sell the heck out of our auction items. I also made the occasional "appearance" at other times to talk more about items on the metaphoric auction block.

Last night I worked at the Bergmann for a few hours until the newest bartender showed up to relieve me. I took off so I could go to Miss B and Miss R's party. I ended up staying later at the Bergmann, drinking with and having some pizza with the few people who were around. I arrived at the party and though the crowd that was there was a good one, it was a small one and growing smaller. I ended up heading downtown with Mr. CB and Mr. PL to you know where: the Alaskan. Collette Costa was heading a band of out-of-towners doing some sassy danceable numbers, getting me out on the floor at least once or twice. Danced with the infamous first crush of Juneau history and though my necklace tragically broke, I was still a happy gal. I also spent a good bit of time hanging out with Mr. Z and a couple of his pals, Mr. A and Mr. T. Chatted a bunch with those fellows and then, magically, bar close was upon us.

I said hello to some friendly faces at the Rendezvous and had one final drink before walking home. As I was walking, I discovered that I had someone walking with me. He is a seasonal worker who is no doubt lonely and managed to tell me a short and depressing history of his recent life. I tried to hint that his company was unnecessary and somewhat unwelcome as we trekked nearer and nearer my apartment and further and further from where I would guess he might live. I figured (hopefully correctly) that he wasn't dangerous, merely lonely and seeking companionship, so I walked as far as my apartment building before stopping and standing awkwardly while he finished telling his story about his mom's death, hoping he would catch on and be on his not-s0-merry way home. I waited. And waited. And then I heard my name, "Is that Melissa?" from a distance. Appearing on the horizon, blessed saviors of awkward situations, were Miss P and a handful of others. They managed to bring enough action and energy that I was able to sneak into my apartment building with rushed goodbyes and goodnights, thereby ditching the somewhat sketchy seasonal and getting to bed.

Now tonight will likely be a quiet night since I am competing with live music at the Rendezvous and the Jazz Babies' Ball at the Jacc and who knows what else. I wish I could go to the Jazz Babies' Ball, but I must work and I don't have a sweet costume anyway.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep in and then go to brunch at Miss E and Mr. K's place. We'll have delicious food prepared, most likely, by Mr. K, who cooks for a living, and have Bloody Marys or maybe mimosas. Lovely!

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