Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're All Folked Up.

Welcome to the 35th Annual Alaska Folk Fest in Alaska's 50th year of statehood! It's my second year as an Alaska Resident (the second Juneau-versary is at the end of May). Last night was the first night of Folk Fest - good times!

Folk Fest is an amazing time in Juneau - downtown comes alive and people come from all over to sing, play music, dance, or just listen. It's a family friendly thing, so you'll see people from infancy up to their silver haired golden years. The front is usually full of toddlers spinning and dancing, the seats filled with anyone and everyone, sometimes so full there are crowds standing behind and in the aisles. The dances are a lot of fun too. After the main stage events end (around 10/10:30pm, the jam spots at different cafes and bars and restaurants fill up. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the bars host different live musicians and bands and the bars are more full than usual as people come together to drink and dance. I found myself smiling and thinking that someday I wanted to take my children to Folk Fest - implicitly leaving me in Juneau for the rest of my friggin' life and making me a mommy and god knows what other strange and domestic things.

The music encompasses music of many different genres, though most have a folky feel. Some of my favorites are the hilarious political songs or the huge collaborations consisting of everyone you know on one stage and playing their guitars, banjos, bass guitars, mandolins, fiddles, and whatever else. I'm offering up the Bergmann as a jam spot - though I'm a little too late to make it "official." I am hoping people will turn up!

I made another poster! I have some live music going - both bands who played before at the Moustache Party. Also will be my friend Miss MM - she was at the zombie party with the drawn on facial hair. The Don Juan of zombies, really. Enough about zombies though - this is about the music. They are all fantastic musicians. One of my favorite things about Miss MM's performances that when she sings to her girlfriend, Miss AW, they have this total look of vomit inducing true love plastered across their faces. It's so cute I can't hold my food and liquor or whatever. It should be a really fantastic couple of nights.

Last night after watching Folk Fest Mainstage with Miss L and Mr. JF, Miss L and I went to the Alaskan, where we had a couple drinks and flirted with boys. It was a Monday Night Raw like we hadn't seen in a long time. There was a hip hop show at the JAHC that night, so the guys headed to the Alaskan after and set up the turn tables and held rap battles and freestyled. I also headed over to the Imperial and then the Rendezvous hanging out with Miss J and Miss M.

Today and yesterday were stressful days at work - at the day job anyway. The economy is a huge factor when your job is non-profit fundraising and everyone wants to save their money or at least not give away however much stuff. Ouch! I am really panicked about the thought of not reaching my goal. I figured that since everyone loves this particular non profit entity, getting donation would be no problem. Today I had a business owner complain to me that it felt like we did an auction every couple months. Um. I was polite, I respected your small business, asked if you felt you were in a position to donate and then you make it all awkward. Awesome. How do you end a conversation like that gracefully? At least when I was working on the campaigns I didn't feel obligated to maintain a good relationship with the crazies who called me names like liberal baby killer and commie bastard. Tomorrow is going to be another day of calling and calling and hoping that people don't say no. I did get a new donor today - I was pretty excited about this! It's the new tattoo parlor. I think that the new one is a great option because positive publicity by showing support for a respected and really well liked organization is a great way to bring in business.

I also went and visited the Alaska Robotics and Lucid Reverie crew while I posted the flier in various locations downtown. I have an awesome pin with a squid from this comic on my Kodiak Coat Co. coat now. Pat draws great squids. He just got back from the Emerald City Comic Con. Someday, maybe, I'll do stuff like that with my comics too. I actually went so far as to start an application to the Art Institute of Seattle. I forgot what a pain it was to choose a college... now I am tempted to do it all over again, looking at all the tuition fees and the offerings and the success rates, etc. I am just looking at an AA program (not like Alcoholics Anonymous - like the degree) but that's still spendy. I guess they boast a 100% employment rate in the field and the average starting pay is $45k. Better than what I'm doing now...

Between the sunshine and the fun times - life has been pretty good. I can't even really complain about the job stress because of the sun and the fun. The only thing that is sort of getting to me, and this is probably all my fault for being a total girl and analyzing everything to the point of it becoming a messy, complicated tangle of pros, cons, and assumptions, is the situation with the Attractive Male Friend. AMF? Anyway - I have a love-hate relationship with FWB situations - which is what this is apparently becoming. I love them in theory for being simple. I hate them for being, in reality, just as complicated as any other relationship. But for different reasons. I am prepping myself to have a "talk" and discuss the rules. I think I want a rule that says that I should be informed the second he's "over it" so I can bow out gracefully and possibly go back to making stupid decisions like flirting with that pilot Miss B demands I avoid or go back to going on nice dates with the nice guy who puts me on a dangerously high pedestal. Or if Mr. MM comes back, it might be an option to fall back into our cozy little relationship. Anyway - I guess I just hate that it's going to end, that I probably won't the the one to end it, and that when it ends - despite having no emotional connection - I'll still feel crappy. Perhaps instead of dwelling on the inevitable end, I should just bask in the afterglow and the happy hormones... There's an idea.

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