Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sunshine Makes us Crazy

My freshman year of college, there were two guys rooming together in my dorm, dubbed the "Crazy Alaskans." When another Alaskan joined our group of friends, he was granted this title as well. To be honest, most of the Alaskans I met in college could easily be called "Crazy Alaskans." This isn't the bad sort of crazy since I obviously became friends with most of these "Crazy Alaskans" and even moved to "Crazy" Alaska.

You'd think it would be the isolation, the darkness, and the cold that would make the Alaskans crazy - a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It's not. It's the sun that makes Alaskans wacky. I have to include myself now, too.

This week it has been sunny and it has gotten to be in the 70's. For Juneau, a town in a RAIN FOREST in ALASKA, this is amazing. We are all running around in shorts and tank tops and sun dresses and sandals and lying about in the sun, walking everywhere, holding bonfires, drinking beers on porches, hiking, fishing, and camping. We hate our offices and sleeping late isn't an option. We have dug out our sunblock and bug dope, our swim suits and sandals, we're snatching pallets to burn and buying out the liquor stores' stocks of "Vitamin R."

I haven't been doing comics, I have been blogging less, I've been ignoring my e-mail, I've been trying to avoid the windowless office, and I've been HAPPY. Not just happy, I've been EXUBERANT. I have been carefree and feel like skipping. I love the friggin' sunshine. I've been to bonfires most nights, been out walking around, I've eaten ice cream cones and watched new freckles pop up.

The sunshine is making me ignore job prospects, take extra time off, show up late to work, leave early, it's made me reconsider "grown up" jobs and contemplate working outside.

It'll be another story when it starts raining again.

Happy Sunny Days!

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