Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunshine and Swine Flu

Somehow yesterday was the first day I heard about this Swine Flue thing. I read news all the time, but it's sadly enough mostly Alaska news and even then, my main focus is politics. It wasn't until my nose got stuffy and I was feeling lightheaded that I determined I should look into this Swine Flu thing. I'm sure I don't have it, but I think having the Swine Flu would be worse than having the Avian Flu, if only because of the name. Animal diseases sound so horrible - things like Hoof and Mouth, Mad Cow disease, etc. It just makes you feel dirty and less than human. Diseases like this should be given names that don't make people feel like they've done something wrong to have acquired them.

Anyway, having a bit of a cold is a pain. I have gotten really lightheaded while walking too and from places. I have determined that I need to walk the longer way rather than wind myself on stairs. I walked up the steps from Willoughby to Calhoun and felt so lightheaded afterward that I was concerned that I might faint if I had to walk up anymore. I usually use the stairs because they are more efficient than walking around, even if it is a less steep incline. Boo! This also rules out hiking mountains and other cardiovascular exercises. Blech. It's sunny out so I really want to go on a nice hike.

Having a cold also makes me pass on drinking. Mostly. That's probably a good thing, but some people are very convincing. Last night I had half of TGABB in the bar with a couple other people. The bassist was included, which was great since I had just been instructed to talk to her by another bassist friend AND because I had just been looking at basses on the interweb. I started asking her about being a bassist and how she got her bass and next thing you know, after having served everyone drinks, they've convinced me that I ought to have a hot toddy and join them.

I hadn't spent a whole ton of time hanging out with them before - yes I had gone to the housewarming party for one of the members and I've heard them play countess times, but I didn't know any of them very well. I love them. They are wonderful people. I had a lot of fun hanging out and listening to stories about playing music, dealing with instruments, traveling, places they had lived, etc. The two stories that really stood out took place in Ohio and Montana respectively. The Ohio story was just ridiculous, involving staying in a renovated former funeral home and seeing someone OD. The Montana story was more lighthearted and told brilliantly by Mr. SB and Miss BM. It goes something like this:

There was big ol' drunk who was missing an eye from a past drunk driving accident - in Montana people seem to take drunk driving somewhat likely since there's usually nobody to injure - it becomes a victimless crime of sorts. Anyway, this guy, who had a funny name I can't recall, Big Willy maybe, he wad driving home drunk from a dive bar and hit a deer. In his drunk state, he determined it would be a good idea to put the deer in the back of his Scout - sort of like a Jeep Willy, I think - and he drove back to his place. Once home, he had forgotten about the deer and gone inside. Then he noticed the dome light was on and looked out to see the Deer was still alive and looking around the vehicle, no doubt stunned. Big Willy was stunned too. And drunk. He determined the best plan of action was to grab a gun and, from his porch, began shooting into the Scout, blasting out the windshield and shooting aroun six rounds before being sure that the deer was dead. In the back of his now shot up Scout.

After a few rounds of drinks, including a couple rounds of Irish Car Bombs, the crew headed out, but by that time I was joined my Miss TG. She and I ended up spending at least a half hour or so talking. About the mutual ex.

A few more people came in, some people played poker, etc. It was a really slow Saturday night, but I wasn't really upset, especially considering I have sort of a cold.

Also, I think I play pool worse with a head cold. I think there might be a legitimate correlation here. Anyone?

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