Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poli-day! Celebrate!

I had better moisturize my elbows because they'll be rubbing with the elbows of National politicians today. More than I even thought.

Last night after work I stayed in and read a book in one sitting. It was just shy of 300 pages and did keep me up rather later than I had planned. I haven't done that in a long time. That's why I didn't wake up to my initial alarm this morning and instead found myself running out of the house without mascara on my way to the Rotary luncheon downtown.

I've been to a number of these, this time I was a guest of the President of United Way SEAK. Once we had arrived I discovered that today's guest speaker was to be Rep. Don Young, Alaska's sole representative, a republican, and sort of a nutcase. I listened intently as Rep. Young made up words like "fruitation," compared foreign oil consumption to snorting cocaine, and used the word bitch. I think the illicit drug metaphor is my favorite.

Now, stop me if I'm wrong, but usually metaphor is a device used to clarify one's understanding by making a relatable comparison. Rep. Young said something along the lines of "burning foreign oil is like snorting cocaine, once you've burned it, it's gone - once you've snorted it, it's gone and all you've got after is a headache." Who relates to this metaphor? Is Don Young sharing with the audience that he's done coke? That he wasn't impressed because he got a headache afterward? Is he implying that the audience will relate to this metaphor because we've probably done a load of coke?

And "fruitation? Really? COME ON! I am guessing the word which should have popped out of his mouth was 'fruition' but maybe he just wanted to make up his own.

I don't have a complaint about him saying bitch, as he wasn't referring to us as bitches, to women as bitches, or otherwise insulting me.

Now I'm at work for a few hours before heading to the Chamber After Hours event which features Alaskan Brewing's newest beer and special guest Don Young. I half hope that he gives the same exact speech so others can appreciate the cocaine metaphor and the new words on par with bushisms - the other half definitely hopes for a new and equally as interesting speech to inspire me further.

Once I have gotten my Republican fix for the day, I'll head over to Centennial Hall for the Juneau Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Dinner with special guest Senator Mark Begich. I am looking forward to seeing Mark B again and I may remind him that I'm still less than gainfully employed.

Today hasn't been all happiness and politics for me. I discovered that one of my student loans - luckily a "small one" went to collection. OUCH! I've been trying to work this crap out, but choosing not to consolidate may have been a bad idea for me after all, if only because I am all scatterbrained and apparently can't keep track of my finances. That means that I owe a lump sum of nearly $4k. These are the times when I kick myself and wonder why I even went to friggin' college for all the good it's done me. Is $4k a small number? No. If you must know, that is probably the equivalent of 4 months of paychecks for me with my silly bartending gig. That is if I put a solid $1000 of each paycheck (they are usually around $1200-$1300) - which ignores things like rent, phone bills, credit card bills, other student loan bills, and you know, food.

Still, that did not stop me from purchasing my plane ticket to go on a real vacation. I am tired of feeling oppressed by my finances and choose to take some risks. Who cares if I am bound to rent forever? If I'll never be able to own a nice car? If I'll have to dig myself out of a credit debt so deep I will feel a difference in pressure? Well, I'm trying not to.

If everything were going well in my life, let's be honest, I would have very little to write about.

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