Monday, April 27, 2009

Piglet Flu, Pool, and the Lazy Genius

I still have this cold. Grr. It's making me sort of sleepy and it makes me definitely not want to be at work. But I am. Luckily, I think I am almost done for the day. Plus, coming in today was very important, since I had to turn in my already late time sheet. I have been breathing much better today and don't have a sore throat or anything - it's definitely not a big deal. Nothing like, say, an epidemic flu that has caused around 70 known deaths worldwide. If I were to name this bout of illness anything, it would be the cuter, diminutive "piglet flu."

Last night was a slow night at the bar. I barely recall having customers. Miss N and Mr. J came in for a bit, we played some pool. Ol' Smokey and his new tenant stopped in as well. The new tenant is an old guy, probably in his late 60's. He got sort of drunk and lamented that he hadn't had a hug in ten years. I felt like this was a severe problem and, perhaps against my better judgment, gave the old guy a hug. As soon as he discovers that I'm a total commie pinko he'll probably regret it. As soon as he starts coming in weekly looking for hugs, I'll regret it. For an hour there, the place was doing alright, but it cleared out. I might blame Mr. J for coming in post-hike without showering. He smelled like "man" he claimed. Mr. EM came in as well, we played many a game of pool. I lost every single game. Mostly due to scratching on the eight. Amazing. Really.

When I went home Miss J was there and drunk. We ate chocolate candies and watched TV on DVD while she shared with me tales of her drunken night. The "piglet flu" has motivated me to not drink, so I didn't have any such stories - though I've got plenty of tales from previous debaucherous nights I could share. Will they ever run out? We actually fell asleep on the couch with the TV on. When I woke up again I turned off the lights and the TV and went to my bed. In the morning I left a clean bowl and spoon and a package of Annie's Instant White Cheddar and Macaroni for the soon to be hungover Miss J. Sometimes I'm a really good roommate.

While at work today I've been photographing all the auction items. I tried to get Miss L to come in and be my model, but she has been incommunicado these past few days. Hopefully she didn't end up dead in a ditch after that after party I heard about. [Call me.] It was also requested that I do a rather tedious job of copying and pasting text from one field to another for EVERY SINGLE ITEM. After doing a little poking around on the database, I determined that this act of tedium is absolutely redundant. I can't find Miss BC to tell her that it's a huge waste of time and resources but I sent an e-mail. If she insists I do it, I will, but I think that I could think of twenty other things that I could do which would more effectively use my time. Like writing this blog about how I am a lazy genius.

** Edit** The lazy genius has been declared the new expert on the database. No tedious copying and pasting for me! I hope this doesn't become one of those jobs in which I make myself irrelevant. Done that before...

I think I'm going to take the LSAT one of these days. Yep. Gonna do it. If I do well on it, I might go to law school. If I do poorly, I might go to art school. If I remain as poor as I am now, I'll probably not go to any sort of school and will instead start looking for a nice rich husband. Mountain man is out - after talking to him yesterday we brushed on the topic of finances - each of us claiming an inability to save money for the future, resulting in living paycheck to paycheck and often being sort of bum-like. I'm pretty certain he's not coming back to Juneau, which is probably for the better. Imagine the two of us, financial imprudence combined, taking on the world with tiny paychecks and deleterious spontaneity. One month was enough, rationally speaking.

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