Monday, April 20, 2009

No, really, it's over now.

I "spoke" too soon. The bar scene at the Berg didn't really get much better. The highlight definitely being when Mr. T and his friend were in for a little while, distracting me from the ridiculous group at the bar arguing. We had pizza and talked about silly stuff. The funniest part of all that was when talking about ordering the pizza. Last time I had commented that I didn't like ordering from Domino's because I felt like a douchebag ordering a pizza called "Extravaganzza Feast" so this time the joke was about other things that were terrible to order. We were ordering from Bullwinkle's this time, so the ultimate worst thing to have to say was the "All Meat Combo with white sauce." We determined that if you actually placed this order you would actually open your door to discover a male prostitute.

After most people left, Mr. Argumentative Lawyer decided that he needed to encourage me to close and go out to the bars to go have a one night stand with a "hill-billy." I was disturbed that Mr. AL would take any interest in or feel the need to get involved in my sex life, plus he suggested a hill-billy which is sort of the opposite of what I look for... Hill-billies are missing teeth. Right? I did close early but managed to ditch him - I just don't really go to the Viking. It's bad news. I went to the Alaskan and the Rendezvous to discover both were pretty packed and featuring some great live music.

I spent most of the time at the Rendezvous. I missed Meg performing but she and Miss AW, Mr. Z and plenty of other friends were around. We all spent most of the last couple hours dancing like wild things to Bac'untry Brothers - an old time band out of Fairbanks made up entirely of women. I think all of them are also lesbians, though it seemed that one of them was perhaps willing to go either way, as there was some major drama regarding one of the girls and a friend of mine from another band who happens to be male. Here's hoping their little tryst doesn't cause a break-up - I think the girl involved was dating another girl in the group. Anyway - not my business.

After bar close I didn't pull an all-nighter but I also didn't go home immediately. The Sunday night after party was a far smaller version - on par perhaps with Wednesday's after party. I only stayed an hour or so with Miss AW, listening to some music, waltzing a bit, and savoring the last of the Folk Fest feeling.

Today I've been at the day job, trying to scrape together some last minute donations and making some progress. I think I've determined that a job involving asking for money is not a good idea for me because I am not assertive enough in that arena. I did collect a few today, including one pity donation. Some people have been very hesitant about making donations, including some bigger corporations, other, including young entrepreurs have been exceedingly generous. It's interesting to see who cares about the community and who cares just about profit margins.

Tonight I intend to rest and relax. I started reading The World According to Garp and have been quite engrossed. Putting it down to make time for more important things like sleep and work has been a battle.

An observation (I may make a comic about this): The Cephalopod Stagger - This is when a person drunkenly staggers forward at an angle that might suggest the head pulling the rest of the body. Here's some video of squids.

** Edit**

Not my drama: Male friend got super friendly with female member of all female band, female partner of female member of band broke into male friend's house and beat the crap out of male friend. One broken nose, many bruises, and at least one ugly laceration later, male friend has this to say: "I've got a funny story to tell you..."

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