Thursday, April 9, 2009

My, How Time Flies

Now and then I find myself amazed at how quickly time passes, how much has happened in such a short bit of time, or how little has happened in the past day. That's right. I'm boring these days.

Highlights include lunch with Miss A yesterday, actually purchasing the vacuous purse I had on hold at Boheme, and realizing that the ZOMBIE PARTY is this Saturday. Yesssssss.

I'm actually kind of freaking out that the Zombie Party is so soon, I haven't done as much promoting as I ought to, nor have I secured live music for the event. Things that certainly will occur? JELL-O shots. Zombie movies in the background. People dressed as zombies. Cheap beer (for Alaska).

I made up some posters today - pretty basic stuff - undead rising, Easter egg, what, where and when. Awesome. Now to post some. This is sort of a terrible photo, it was taken with my blackberry, uploaded to facebook, saved on the computer and put on here - what a journey! I have a pretty clear PDF if anyone wants to e-mail a copy of the flier to Juneau people.

The idea for the party is based on a comic from Cat and Girl about Easter. Here it is!

Oh, things weren't 100% dull. Last night I went to the NOW meeting and was voted President of the Juneau chapter. It seems that whenever I join a club, the first thing that happens is people determine that I should be president. Sort of a confidence booster. I ended up staying at the location of the meeting pretty late chatting with the homeowner, who happens to be one of my Big D friends. After that I was feeling pretty mellow and went home where I drew a new comic! It is another political one. Tee hee. It's already posted on my comic site, even though I was planning on posting on FRIDAYS. I messed up and published immediately rather than scheduling it. Oh well.

Speaking of creating - I got a phone call from the woman at the AWARE shelter and we met today to add my painting to the collection at the Silverbow Bakery. It should be up today or tomorrow. It'll be my first piece showcased since HIGH SCHOOL and my first piece showcased outside of a school setting EVER. I'm pretty excited.

Today is Miss K's birthday. I'm contemplating going out, contemplating staying in. I guess this is my only "weekend" night until next week sometime, so I should consider heading out, even if I choose not to spend any money. I can behave!

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