Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Folk Fest

I wish I could describe my Thursday night. I can't. I don't remember much. Judging by my state on Friday, it could have happened something like this. That's right - the amazing montage from Wet Hot American Summer in which they all go to town.

This could be one of the worst in history (remember the worst hangover stories prompted by Ben?) because when the blackout stage ended, I was upstairs in my apartment building (though at the time I didn't know it) and my glasses and my keys were downstairs in front of my door. Somehow I managed to bravely make my way down to the first floor, not step on my glasses, reapply them to my face, unlock my door, and pass out on the couch. Cut to 1pm when I get my act together enough to go into work for approximately one hour, during which I felt dizzy and nauseated. Then cut to 3:30pm when I made it back to my apartment and puked a bunch, then took a nap. CLASSY! At least I didn't puke in the bathroom at work, like I did when I worked on the campaign.

Friday night was a good night - once I had recovered at least. I was working but Meg and Little Black Raincloud Co. played, along with this kid from Ketchikan. It's hard to compete with the big name bars like the Alaskan and Rendezvous or even the friggin' Red Dog - bars that can afford to pay their musicians - but we pulled in some people and had a good time. I was planning on NOT drinking but that didn't work out. I had to take a shot with Mr. TC because I can't play pool without loosening up a little. At the end of the night Miss LS and Mr. JS stuck around while I closed (they were part of the band and doing clean-up - it's legit) and we walked over to the Alaskan Hotel together where the craziness continued. To attempt to describe Folk Fest after hours in a paragraph is to attempt to encapsulate the meaning of life in one book. Maybe. Or maybe I just don't feel like doing it. I'll leave you with a few words: Drinking, debauching, jamming, smoking, making friends and enjoying life, staying up until the sun has risen and napping so as to do it all again.

A perfect end to a very long night, this morning Miss L, Mr. E and I headed to the Sandpiper where we ordered hearty breakfasts and enjoyed good conversation. The next table over held Miss MM, Mr. AMF, and a couple others. Also joining us, back in town, was a former co-worker from my days at the 'Vous who happens to have grown up in the same small town in Oregon as I did. He walked me home after breakfast and then I dove straight into my bed and fell instantly asleep. This is the second time this one has walked me home - I don't really know what his angle is. Is he just being chivalrous? Does he want an invitation to a pants party? What the heck? He's a handsome guy, for sure, a lot of fun, but I sometimes feel like we miscommunicate - lines crossed - something. Sometimes my dry sense of humor is misinterpreted as something serious, sometimes I don't get if he's being serious or what the hell is going on. Seems like bad news. I think the walks home should definitely remain just that.

Today I slept a few hours but had to get up and around again for a meeting I thought was going to occur, but my newfound responsibility in an organization is already turning into a bit of a shit show - what with people thinking that a poverty-line-straddling gal like me has internet access all the time, thinking that I am ready to jump in and take care of everything without any sort of transition, etc. Imagine my reaction when I call to ask where we are meeting to discover that the person in question had expected me to do all the planning and communicating. Um, hey, no interweb, plus I was SLEEPING. I sort of freaked out and stated pretty plainly my frustration with the way things were starting. I need Folk Fest and my day job to be OVER before I step up to this responsibility.

Oh well, went to catch some afternoon performances today, Jam and Jelly and Little Black Rain Cloud Co. among others. Ran some errands after that, including getting tape for the register, not knowing whether Mr. Boss would remember or be able to pull it off. Just grabbed a bite at the Silverbow, did all this internet nonsense, and caught the end of the Singer/Songwriter thing. Tonight has a lot of potential. Here's hoping it is even better than last night!

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