Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Politicians and the Absence of Luck Party

You can't hide from Representative Don Young. I went to the Chamber [of Commerce] After Hours event. I was hoping for another riveting speech from Rep. Young, but got nothing of the sort. I sipped on red wine and spent most of my time following around the one person I knew or talking "literature" with a 12 year old girl. When Rep. Young first arrived he walked through and shook pretty much every hand in the place. I was sort of hiding behind someone who was likely important, thinking a handshake utterly unnecessary, but he reached and reached and the handshake was unavoidable.

Immediately after that adventure I headed over to Centennial Hall for the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. My job was to sell raffle tickets. I inadvertantly donated $25 to the Juneau Democrats because I used $25 of my own money as change, should people use bigger bills, which they inevitably did. We raffled a quilt. It was a good excuse to run around and talk to people, many of whom I knew personally, some of whom I know by reputation or by their high profile jobs, some I'd never met. I did get to have a seat at one of the tables and enjoy the meal catered by the Baranof - the steak was overcooked - but it was a catered event and you probably have to cater to those weirdos who like their meat well done. I had a fun time talking with people and running around. I narrowly avoided having to say something into the microphone in front of everyone. I finally got a picture of Mark B and me together - there have been many, but I have none of them.

Post Night of Political Mayhem I headed to the Bergmann to hang out with Miss P - since it was originally my shift anyway. When I arrived, I discovered I had entered the "Bad Luck Party" later to be renamed the "Absence of Luck Party." It was Mr. A, Mr. Tall A, and Miss P. I walked in and after sharing some anecdotes from the day* I bitched briefly about the whole student loan to collection thing. I was then told that I had come to the right place and that we were all there, having had the absence of luck. Mr. TA had a sad story about finances and a breakup. I just had the finances, I suppose. Mr. A wins it all with the sob story of the night: dreams shattered, an eviction because the apartment is going to returning family, and a breakup. Ouch. Now, Mr. A and I have a rocky past and while a part of me wasn't all that sympathetic, another part of me wanted to go give him a big hug and comfort him and be the same doormat of a "girlfriend" I was for however many months we pulled that off and on shit. I didn't. He didn't reach out for it either. Thank goodness. I need to get rid of this nostalgic feeling - I have this way of remember all the good and sort of sweeping the bad under the rug.

Miss P's dad came to pick her up sort of early so I closed the bar. I went home after and read a little more of John Stewart's America (The Book), I book I am amazed I had not read a million times before.

*Speaking of anecdotes: Miss S, one of the higher ups from the campaign, was at the dinner and thanked me for introducing her to my term Jesi. That's right. As in more than one Jesus. Apparently she enjoyed the term greatly and introduced it to her family, taking things a step further (and all the more awesome) and making CHOCOLATE Jesi at Christmas. Awesome. I'll note that I am not the only person in the world to coin the term Jesi, but my coining was independent of others coining the term, so I don't feel weird about receiving some credit for this.

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