Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Get Resurrected in Here!

I can already tell you that I'll probably say something that would offend Jesus-Freaks, members of the God Squad, or anyone who takes Christianity seriously in this post. Stop now. Seriously. I am not going to apologize.

Wait. I probably already did that because you already knew of my intention to have a zombie party - you know - resurrection = undead. Maybe I should put a warning on this blog. Rated S for sacrilege.

In any case, dressing up as a zombie was awesome. The fellow zombies were awesome. And while I do have a lot of appreciation for my zombie pals heading downtown with their undead selves, I kind of wished they had stuck around.

The First Annual Easter Weekend Zombie Party at the Bergmann was way less crowded than the Moustache Party - I guess dressing as a zombie takes a little more effort. In any case, the night was pretty fun overall, and I would have had even more fun had my expectations not been so high, thinking this party would have me crazy busy like the Moustache Party. It's OK. It'll pick up. Next year I'll hope for a better turnout. We look like we had fun, right? We did.

This is a group shot of me with some friends. This is actually before the party officially started, we all got ready together. Not everyone was "down with the sickness"* but we did have a few more zombies at the party, among the living.

At times I was the only zombie at the zombie party, which made for an interesting time trying to explain to unknowing patrons the sexy hair and makeup. I even had one of our state representatives in the bar - I've had him in before. He drinks Manhattans. This would not have been a good night to mention an interest in working as a legislative aide (not that he's hiring). The session is almost over anyway. I'm pretty cool with that. There are people I'll miss, but some I won't.

Before the party and the zombification (red squiggly lines claim that's not a word) I made Jell-o shots. I had to go run around to get all the ingredients. Proof of how much Mr. JB trusts me: That he left me three blank, signed checks and the keys to his truck. The trip turned out to be kind of a shit show, including expired Costco memberships and a lot of crap over business checks and credit card limits and so on and so forth. I gave up on Costco and headed to Fred Meyer where I encountered only a little less hassle, having had to show my I.D. at least three separate times and having to wait for a manager to do some sort of over-ride. Bleh.

All worth it in the end.

Today was Easter proper and, while I do not share in the Christian belief system, it is a time people spend with family, which can still make me a bit nostalgic - even if Easter sometimes equals fist fights and shooting rabbits with my family. Luckily, I got to spend Easter with my surrogate family. My roommate's family is great. Miss M came too. We spent the whole time preparing and eating food, having a couple drinks, and betting on when guinea pigs as food would be brought up. I won't bother explaining that one.

Tonight I've been working. I sort of expected NOBODY to come in. Mr. J and Miss N were the first to show, followed by a couple of Mr. J's coworkers, Mr. JW and his friend Mr. JS, and my friend Miss H. I also had an appearance by Mr. RB. Far better than I had expected! It was all good company too. Well, one lady was sort of annoying. Oh well. I had people!

I am considering closing early. Wouldn't hurt the business at all. I don't expect anyone else will come at this late hour!

Folk Fest starts tomorrow. That means parties and music and art and wild times. Prepare for some tales of fun to come!

*Have you seen Dawn of the Dead?

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