Thursday, April 16, 2009

Folk Fest Continues and Nobody Wants WAR.

So, yeah, hey, it's Folk Fest!

I missed out on Tuesday night because I had to work, but last night was another good time! I met up with Miss L and eventually also Miss B, Miss K, and Miss T. Then eventually more. Who am I kidding - Folk Fest is ridiculous - you meet up with everyone you've ever met at some point. Every direction you look you see a friend or acquaintance or former lover... There were some great acts. Bluescast was fantastic as always - a little political humor there - it's not difficult to come up with these days. Saw Myth Barber - the band that claims Patrice as its lead singer. Also Costa's band. Lots of great stuff. Wednesday is when Folk Fest starts getting crazy.

We didn't stay until the end, at some point a big group of us wound up heading up to Miss B and Miss R's place, where we ate jell-o shots, drank Alaskan beer, and jammed. Last time I jammed I nearly had a mental breakdown because of a triangle, this time was much more fun. I was doing some percussion - a thing that looked like a frog with wood slats and some maracas. Miss B was leading the way mostly, though Mr. T did take over now and then. The rest of us just did percussion and a little harmonica from Miss L. We would have been called "Miss B and the Drunk Percussionists."

I tried to get us to take the jam session to the Bergmann, but when all 8 of us crammed into a taxi-van with the two neighbors, my choice was by-passed and we ended up at the Alaskan. We piled out, clown car style, and headed inside to a less crowded than I'd expect but still crowded bar. Lots of cool people around, open mic performances, and people I hadn't necessarily seen in a while.

I think I ought to point out that I'm kind of a douchebag. Or a jerk. Or a tease. I don't know - sometimes I think that guys shouldn't like me because I can sometimes be so fickle and careless. There are some super great guys who for some reason really do like me, but I don't bother to spend more than a moment or two flirting and teasing before I'm off to talk with someone else. I know that I am not obligated to have feelings for someone just because they have feelings for me, but sometimes I wish things would align a little more in my favor and that I'd like those who like me and not care a bit about those who don't have feelings for me. Alas, this is life and love.

But in more happy news: WAR - Wayne Anthony Ross was not confirmed as our new Attorney General, so all the Attorney Generaling he's been doing this past week or so is null and void. Both the house and senate voted down WAR and while there were members who spoke in his favor, and many who disappointingly voted in his favor, he is not our AG. Yessssss.

There is more Palin drama in Juneau - she is being a freak and trying to do things in illegal ways, such as offering three choices for our vacant Senate seats instead of appointing one, and two of the three she appointed were already rejected. The third is, like Grussendorf, a NEW democrat - he registered Democrat on March 4th. The thing about registering as a Democrat on March 4th is this: When you change your affiliation, you do it for a reason. Many people changed their affiliation so they could join the Democratic caucus and vote for Obama. Many people change their affiliations so they can vote in primaries. March 4th? There's no caucus. There's no primary. There's just a vacant senate seat which can be filled only by a Democrat. People don't go changing their political affiliations just for fun - there's a purpose and the purpose for this guy is obvious. The Senate dems are not responding and the legislative legal counsel says that Palin's move is ILLEGAL (which WAR didn't care about, apparently). When will Juneau get a new Senator? At this rate - it may be a long time. Just glad it's not Cathy Munoz - who voted in favor of Wayne Anthony Ross. Um, Cathy, how about you vote on behalf of your constituency. You do know who that is, right? JUNEAU. Even if it is the more conservative part of Juneau, I'm pretty sure they aren't WAR fans either.

Things are going better at work - more people are making donations and I am hoping that even if I don't meet my goal, I'll do OK if you account for the economic recession...

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