Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Epic Fail: Career Edition

Mr. CL posted on Facebook that he just got a new job. With Politician B. Just talked to Mr. AT. Also has a job with Politician B. Turns out at least three other people from the campaign also have jobs with Politician B. Why did I never get a call? Why was I not on the list of people worth hiring? So, while all these other people are now gainfully employed on Capitol Hill, I'm still in Juneau tending bar and trying to work at various non-profits to make ends meet.

I hate to admit it but I'm BITTER. I am jealous. I am pretty friggin' upset.

I sent in my resume and cover letter, I maintained contact, I still go to Juneau Democrats meetings and help out at their functions, I follow Alaska politics and I have been living in Alaska for two full years and know more about it than all but one of the people who got a job over there.

I have written countless cover letters, updated my objective on my resume countless times, updated my relevant professional experience countless times, and interviewed countless times - In a few weeks I'll be doing it all over again. And after that? Probably doing it again.

If I don't get a real friggin' job that pays well, has benefits, and doesn't suck, I'm going to LAW SCHOOL. If I can't manage to stay gainfully employed with an advanced degree, then I'm going to run from the government, move someplace remote, and live off the land or something. Then I'll write my memoirs about how college and networking and hard work didn't pay off.

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