Saturday, April 4, 2009

East Coast, Here I Come!

I'm a West Coast girl, born and raised. I was born in California, lived there and Oregon, now live in Alaska. I have been surrounded by this relaxed West Coast atmosphere my whole life. Most of my life I've also appreciated tall mountains and blue oceans and forests and the tallest buildings topping off at a number of stories I'd have no trouble counting on my fingers and toes.

Now, I did spend a year of my life in a mid-sized European city, but that was another story entirely, another country entirely. It was another life and it was a year of "studying" and traveling and figuring out swear words in as many languages as possible.

And once I visited New York City. It was my senior year of college and I had an AmeriCorps interview - I didn't get it - but even if I had, I couldn't afford to live in New York City on 11 thousand dollars a year. I have debts, dammit! Maybe student loans get forgiven but I am certain credit card companies don't feel any level of forgiveness or altruism. I went to the top of the Empire State Building and shopped at H&M, I went to a themed restaurant and walked through Times Square without convulsing in an epileptic fit. I did not see a Broadway show, I did not visit the Statue of Liberty, I did not take the Staten Island Ferry, nor did I eat those famous cupcakes or visit a bar with beds. I have a lot of stuff left to do in NYC.

I also plan to visit DC. For a politically obsessed girl such as myself, having never visited DC is sort of absurd. Really? You helped get a US Senator elected but you've never seen the White House? You've protested decisions and been complimented by a VP Nominee but you haven't seen the Washington Monument? You haven't seen the Vietnam Wall or the Lincoln Monument? The Pentagon? Any of it? I think it is time to take a field trip. That episode will be called, Ms. G goes to Washington. I can go visit my man Mark B!

I'm really excited at the thought of taking this trip and even more exciting that the ticket is going to cost me almost half of what I paid to fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul in February. Awesome! I am planning on being gone for TWO WEEKS, which means I have to really start saving money. I can't be frivolous anymore, despite the temptation to buy all sorts of stylish things so I don't feel like a silly backwoods girl when I hit the big cities. There are two temptations. One is to stroll around the big cities looking every bit as stylish as any other big city girl. The other is to own my less stylish side, wearing XtraTufs and Fleece, Chaco sandals and years old sundresses. Luckily, the Tufs are meant for rain and I imagine May in NYC and DC will be better weather than I would expect here but not so good that I can expect to wear my sport sandals. I think I'm stuck with being sort of stylish.

And to end this post, I'll do a single paragraph recap of last night: Stopped by Silverbow to see the opening of the AWARE sponsored art show, cocktailed/helped cook/served at Mr. JB's birthday extravaganza from 7pm until 11pm. Went to the Alaskan and listened to Deering and Down. When Miss JR was waiting to get her tab, I directed the bartender to get her tab before serving me. She seemed surprised and thanked me. I also offered to bus tables/bring back glasses and managed to get myself in the (really) good graces of the bartenders. We were already friends. I danced and had fun and enjoyed my night out, even though the Alaskan was ridiculously crowded. Sean Tracy joined in with his harmonica at the end of the night. Chatted with Deering and Down after they stopped playing. While walking home, Ted, whom I've kicked out on numerous occasions, insisted on Miss P and I cabbing with him, so he paid for us to get dropped off before heading home. The end.


Sharon said...

And when is this trip?

Melissa Leeanne said...

East Coast May 14-27, trip to DC will probably be May 16-21 or something like that. I'm super excited.