Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All's Well that Ends Well

I am taking another mini-break from the data entry. At this rate it might take me all night. The station manager may walk into my office to find me curled up under the desk, using a donation as a pillow. Today and yesterday we managed to pull in somewhere around $5,000 or so worth of donated goods and services, which makes me think that I'll feel just fine about this in the end. Take that, economy, some people are still generous.

It's been sort of a long hard run, with the poor economy and me being such a disorganized mess who can't get her ass out of bed at a reasonable hour. I also don't really like asking people for things. I briefly thought that non-profit fundraising might be an ok career niche for me (those lawyers said I should do it) but maybe not. It's sort of uncomfortable.

Last night at the bar reminded me that I need to get another real job though, the place was empty, more than Sunday even. I didn't close early, but I played many a game of pool by myself, listened to Opera with the owner, and started working on another comic. I also read. I also contemplated the universe. I also made and drank a couple frilly drinks out of sheer boredom.

Tonight I am missing out on some sweet bonfires because I'm doing data entry until this is all done. Luckily I did get to spend a couple hours in the sun today, walking around and having dinner.

I'm sort of weirded out that there is no radio in my office. I mean, I'm in a radio station... I have no music and there are no hooked up to my computer so there is NO SOUND but the humming and buzzing of electronics and the sounds of the building. And since Gavel to Gavel is over, I don't even have ridiculous politics to keep fill the void.

It's all going to be over soon. Then I have a trip to White Horse with Rotaract (Oh, Canada, I will visit a foreign country this year!) and after a little more work I'll be heading to NYC and DC for some vacation time! Yesssss! I actually have to check and see if my tax refund actually hits my bank account, if it doesn't, the vacation gets postponed.

**I almost titled this coming together - as in "things are finally coming together" but my mind happens to be consistently in the gutter and it made me snicker a little too much.

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