Friday, March 27, 2009

Look up! and the Night of Many Nights

Look up! I changed my blog name. Whoa. When I started this baby, it was sort of meant to be a place for me to pick apart random stuff from the interweb, I think the first post was mocking an overtly sexual ad with really poor photo shopping. My love of analyzing ads is deep. Strange. Thanks, Nacho.

Nacho was my rhetoric professor in college.

I was just thinking earlier today about how my life is sort of like a soap opera - lots of twists with new character who come and go, intrigue, scandal, and the occasional resurrection. I'm waiting for my evil twin to surface. Then I can call my mom up and ask why she never told me about Margaret. I just hope it doesn't happen like in that one episode of the Venture Brothers...

I stayed up way too late last night. Oops. Last night actually feels like a handful of nights. There was the "night" spent with Miss K and Big T at the Hangar, the "night" at the Viking, the "night" at the Alaskan, and then the rest of the "night" at the Bergmann. And that doesn't even include the day, which was eventful as well.

I woke up early by my standards (before the crack of noon is early) at 10:30 am! I started watching a ridiculous chick flick, a symptom of some horrible disorder, no doubt, and got about half way through when Miss B and Miss R showed up to collect me, my laundry, and some movies to watch. They were nice enough to let me do laundry at their house, which is a much better option than doing laundry at a laundromat or never doing laundry because the washing machine at the apartment is kaput. We had a fun, silly day hanging out and I was very productive and posted some new comments as well as scheduled some more posts. I'm proud of myself for scheduling some to post instead of doing the big blob updates as I've done in the past. I am realizing that there is a lot to learn about the interweb - this could be a full time job. But nobody's gonna pay me to play on the interweb. Though I know some of you out in blog-land do get paid for this stuff.

I went to dinner with a former co-worker, even after having quit almost a year ago, I still know the drama at the CU. Silly. I meant to leave right after this, especially since my hair looked sort of wrecked and I don't really like to be out in public when I look less than glam, but you can tell by this set up that it definitely did not happen.

I saw Miss K and Big T and ended up moving tables and sticking around. We were cheering for Villanova and Memphis, even though Mizzou kicked the crap out of them. Miss K was happy despite her bracket because that's where she went to school. The group grew ridiculously large, spanning many tables and causing a stir loudly singing "Friends in Low Places" and let me tell you, it wasn't karaoke night. Not there, anyway.

At the Viking, it was karaoke night. That's where we went next. I just had one more drink there and determined that I would call it an early night, but only after dropping in at the Alaskan for Open Mic goodness. I ended up staying at the Alaskan for at least an hour, which put me at midnight already. So much for an early night.

After spending time at the Alaskan wishing Mr. E a happy birthday and planting a nice birthday kiss on the cheek, chatting with Miss BP, and some other friends, I pledged to trek up the hill to the home bar and then go to bed. HA.

Miss M is staying at the hotel until she moves into her new place, so she, Mr. JB and I wound up staying up super late. Miss M and I stayed up later still. My blackberry's amazing ability to list the time of text messages received tells me that I was up well past my usual bedtime, the amazing text message was received at around 6am. No wonder I slept until almost 2pm today! It was already morning time when I walked home.

So, 6am, "middle of the night" for me, or so it felt, but 10am for the text messager, I receive a text message. In no ceremonious fashion, the text reads, "Are you sleeping with [guy]?" Now, I guess it's not funny unless you know me, him, and our complete lack of a relationship. We barely know each other. We've been in each other's company about, oh, two times? Three times? And always in a group and the last time was probably the first time we really even talked to each other. Now, don't think I'm making myself out to be completely angelic here, I've been known to jump into a relationship hoo-ha first on occasion, but considering text messager is thousands of miles away and he and I rarely even see each other, the question seemed to come out of left field. Far left field. And now, dear reader(s), a lesson in interweb censorship, I believe in self censorship, or at least private messages on facebook versus wall posts. On [guy]'s facebook wall (maybe it was our facebook friendship that elicited the suspicions?) there was a post from text messager at about the same time as the original text message (before I responded equally as bluntly with a "No."). The post reads something like this: "I've been replaced!!! It's okay, I'm happy with my life and the man I'm with. Hope all is well." and, while this is a paraphrasal, I did not leave out any exclamation points, I promise.

Personally, I just wish I got to have the FUN of the relationship without the relationship instead of the DRAMA of the relationship without the relationship. Or if I'm going to have the drama, I should hope I can have the fun and the actual relationship along with it.

So, that was the night of many nights that crept into the morning. Tonight I behave. And work. Tomorrow I took off so I can see Deering and Down perform. Yessssss. Also, it is the birthday party of a friend, so I'll get to attend that, as well.

Edit: Deering and Down is performing in Juneau NEXT weekend. I still have tomorrow off (assuming the bartender covering actually shows up) and I'll still be attending the birthday party. Apparently GABB is performing at the Island Pub, so I may find myself motivated to cab over there anyway.

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