Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If you complain enough, things get better.

If you complain enough, things get better. That's a lie, most likely. But a nice coincidence would lead me to ponder some truthfulness in it.

All anyone hears from me lately is something like, "Blah blah blah, my life is boring, blah blah blah." It's felt kind of boring. I felt entitled to whine a little about the relative lack of pizazz in my life.

Today though. Today was a pretty good day, I'd say. Or maybe it just seems that way after a long night spent watching sappy chick flicks and playing solitaire because I left my stylus for the tablet PC at the Bergmann. Oops.

Today I applied for my PFD. That's right, folks, I will be receiving a dividend, probably around $2000, for living in Alaska. I dropped off the signature page and took in my passport, my application has officially been received. When I was filling out the application online, I made it a point to donate a portion of my dividend. I chose four local charities to donate $25 each, totalling $100. I know, $100 isn't that much, but that money is going to go toward paying off some major debt! I donated to Coastalaska (public broadcasting), AWARE (women's shelter), Perseverence Theatre, and I think my fourth one United Way of Southeast Alaska. It's a small donation, but I do what I can. More information can be found at pickclickgive.org.

I also got a phone call from a "Big D" asking if I would be willing to help out at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner with my man Mark B for a comp ticket. Heck yes, was my answer. OK, it was more like, "Of course, I'd love to help out! You can count on me!" but 'heck yes' was what I thought. It looks like I'll be selling some tickets and doing raffle stuff during the cocktail hour. It'll be good to see and be seen in this realm again. Although I've whined that politics is too fickle, I haven't given up hope yet.

After taking care of the PFD business and dropping off a check at the bank, I decided to head over to Paradise Cafe, one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat, though it's been ages since I've been there. I had thought about it yesterday and determined that I ought to drop in and say hi to Mr. C, since he may be the nicest person I know, plus I can grab a delicious baked item or something equally wonderful. While walking there, I began reminiscing about Deering and Down being in town last summer, playing at least once a week, and how I had the best time dancing and how I ought to listen to their CDs when I get home.

When I arrived at Paradise Cafe this afternoon, the first faces I saw were those belonging to the famous Miss Deering and Rev. Down! Not only that, Ms. Deering and Mr. C were there as well. Deering and Down had just made it to town last night, though they had been flying into Anchorage. Because of Mt. Redoubt erupting, they had been rerouted to lovely Juneau (to the dismay of all the people who really wanted to go to A-Town) and so, I got to see them! After some hugging and how-are-yous, we talked about what was new. Looks like the duo are going to be in a MOVIE called The Romance of Loneliness and they are expecting to have a new album out in April or May!

I spent a solid hour hanging out and catching up with those two, checking out the movie website, and eating some delicious soup. Eventually, I had to drag myself away because, well, I have a job. And even if I make my own hours, I've got to get stuff done.

This evening I work at the Bergmann again - I am hoping to get a decent crowd of people in, between a group of legislative aides working on skits and a hopeful poker game... Wish me luck!

Oh, and funny anecdote of the day: As I was headed to Paradise Cafe, I recognized in front of me an acquaintance of sorts. He and his wife are super nice people that I met while I was working at the credit union. And, not like I was checking out his butt or anything, but I did notice the sort of sticker you find on a new pair of jeans on the back of his leg. Knowing that I'd appreciate having something like this pointed out, I tapped him on the shoulder and after a moment of salutations I mentioned the sticker on the back of the pants. Seriously, telling a married father that he's got a sticker on the back of his jeans is a sort of awkward conversation starter. Luckily we are on good terms and the conversation turned to other things.

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