Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love Me

That's the first step. Right? Right?

Anyway, today I created a facebook page for my Comic Artist Persona and since I just made it, I am currently the only fan. It's not strange though, I've probably always been my #1 fan. My mom might come in close second. Or my sisters.

I have been bringing the lovely little tablet PC with me EVERYWHERE and have made some new comics, despite being sort of crazy all over the place. The TPC is annoying because it doesn't like all wifi - just the Silverbow and the 'Vous, so far. Also, now WordPress doesn't like my TPC so I've had to e-mail the image files to myself from the TPC and then get on another computer to post them. SO MUCH WORK. It would be less work if I could find my external hard drive, which actually already has at least three unposted comics from the early days with the TPC. They are in the really sketchy style with the pastel-esque coloring. Lately I've been playing with yet another style that has more punchy color and possibly a bit more depth. Of course, I am still nowhere near local heroes Pat Race with AK Robotics or Mitch Watley who is working on a sweet 80's Rock Band comic. It's ok, according to certain elementary school students, Pat is OLD! Sorry, Pat. Anyway, he's not really old. He does have way more experience than I do however!

In other news, today Junau decided to be Spring. There's a chance that it will decide to be Winter again later this evening or tomorrow, but I did make it a point to walk the extra long and completely out of the way way to work. It's lovely here when it's sunny. And even when my ears are still considering going numb, it still feels very spring-like.

Last night was kind of a slow night at work, I guess the Boozeday thing hasn't quite taken off. At the end of the night after I closed up shop, I ended up staying up with Mr. JB and Miss HL and we listened to show tunes and had a lovely time. Eventually I determined it was bedtime and went home, though I still didn't actually fall asleep until at least 4am. I just can't wake up early anymore. It's sort of tragic because I don't imagine I'll see a sunrise anytime soon, at least not at the proper end of my day.

Also, Miss HS and Mr. MS had a baby today! He was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was born the DAY BEFORE my day in the pool. Also nearly a full pound heavier than my weight in the pool. Oh well. Glad she didn't have to hold out any longer!

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