Sunday, March 29, 2009

Geeks, Good Company, and Green Shoes.

Friday was a sort of quiet night at the Berg, though I found myself in good company. Miss S and I ordered pizza and demonstrated the addictive nature of social media and hand held technology by spending much of our time texting and tweeting and such nonsense. In a bit of time we were joined by Mr. EM, who shares my Alma Mater, and some of his friends who frequently come with him. One, Mr. CP has been requesting a Carbomb rematch since that one time I beat him, but we are out of Guinness. Of course, when chugging drinks, there is always a comment relating to opening one's throat or suppressing the gag reflex, etc. In this case, this Miss A commented to Mr. EM that he wouldn't know about this. That's when I looked around the room and realized that every single friend I had around me was either a straight man or a lesbian. "Really? I'm the only one?" And laughter. No wonder I won the carbomb contest.

We also had lots of really geeky/nerdy/fanboy/girl talk. Including discerning geek from nerd from fanboy/girl. I think it really started when I was talking about watching Repo! The Genetic Opera and mentioned that Giles was a main character. Giles was a major character in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Geek alert. Or fangirl alert? Only problem is, I'm not really a fangirl, I just got coerced into watching the entire series by my darling roommate. Of course, this theory of mine is less sound when one takes into account the following text messages between my roommate and me: "Yeah, giving you her blessing, it's not like they were married. Oh well, she can be strange." and "It reminded me of that one episode of Angel with the wedding and needing to eat the brains of the ex. Look what you've done to me!" and "Haha. Welcome to my world." If you can believe it, that Angel reference was straight out of my mind and into my Blackberry, total fangirl style.

So, the blessing comment - that's part of the saga of the scandal mentioned earlier. You remember, the text message, the wall post... Well, not sure this friend quite believes that Mr. Fake Lover and I aren't actually lovers because even after I said "No." she continued to talk about him, going so far as to recommend that if I am interested, I go for it, and offering her blessings. She also asked if he had called me that day - rather an improbability as we've never exchanged phone numbers. Not that my number is hard to get - pretty sure it is posted on FB for friends to access. Good thing I only friend people I know, otherwise I might get all sorts of creepers dialing these digits! So, funny thing about all of this is that now Mr. FL and I have been in contact a lot more, so maybe this is the friends strange way of trying out some matchmaking?

Saturday night I got Miss FBT to cover my shift. As I took over her Saturday shift, I felt it would be a really great idea to offer her to cover my shift, to show that I took her offer to be on-call bartender seriously, despite her tendency to be flaky. Well, you can imagine how upset I was when Mr. JB texted me at 5:30 pm - a full hour after the bar is meant to open - to tell me that there was no bartender. I hastened my primping and showed up at the bar in a bit of a huff. I was ranting as I opened the bar and was glad Mr. CJ coaxed me into taking a couple shots of whiskey. After already serving a beverage or two, filling the ice, doing some dishes, turning on the lights, counting in the register, and getting everything ready, Miss FBT rolls in like being two hours late is acceptable. My restrained response was, "Oh, hi [Miss FBT], how are you doing this evening." She has the nerve to say, "Oh, did you want to work tonight? You look like you're ready to go!" While what I wanted to say was, "NO I DO NOT WANT TO WORK TONIGHT YOU RAGING SHIT SHOW, THAT IS WHY I ASKED YOU TO WORK FOR ME. AND TELL ME, AT ANY POINT IN THE YEAR OR MORE THAT YOU WORKED HERE WAS OPEN TIME 'WHENEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT?' OR IS YOUR COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR PUNCTUALITY, COMMON COURTESY, AND RESPONSIBILITY A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOUR EMPLOYER AND YOUR BOYFRIEND'S EX?" But what came out was, "Um, no, I don't want to work. I'm out of here."

I went to the hangar to meet up with Miss J and some of her co-workers and also Mr. FL. We were all having a great time, but especially Mr. FL and I as we played up our fake relationship and contemplated the manner in which two people could copulate without being anywhere near each other. I ended up staying even after that crew left becase Miss A rolled in after a short shift at the 'Vous, already trashed. We had a drink before I walked toward the heart of downtown to attend Miss CA's summer themed birthday party. There I talked with lots of people, made a couple new friends, and ate chocolate cake and drank Sex on the Beach cocktails. I also participated in some more geek time, talking with Pat Race of Alaska Robotics about comic festivals and conventions, posting schedules, and having notable animators and artists in town. I think he had a hand in having Scott McCloud in town the first summer I was here.

The rest of the night wasn't anything terribly exciting - the usual downtown scene - full of drinking and pool playing and searching for excitement. I suppose I don't really miss being out on the weekends, except for missing out on some of the great live music. I haven't seen the Great Alaska Bluegrass Band perform in a long time. Next week I have to get Friday covered so I can see Deering and Down perform! I have the dates right, this time.

Today wasn't particularly exciting except for the fact that I bought a pair of GREEN BOOTS by Miz Mooz at Shoefly and TWO pairs of Freedom of Choice jeans from the Alaska General Store. At the usual price of $170 I wouldn't generally buy even one pair of Freedom of Choice jeans, despite their being awesome, but at the sale price of $100 and considering how difficult it is to find a good pair of jeans - I had to go ahead and drop a couple hundred on two pairs of really great jeans. That's it, though. I didn't spend any more. I have purchased nothing else. Though I'll probably have to spend about $15 to $20 to get both the jeans hemmed, since I have hobbit legs and FoC jeans were apparently made for Amazons.

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