Friday, March 20, 2009

The Fun Part

So, I'm pretty glad I'm not working at the capitol right now because then I'd miss out on the FUN PART of politics. That's right, there is a fun part. It's not campaigning. It's not filing. It's not making coffee runs. It's not answering the phone. It's protesting.

Here are a couple photos post protest:

I had lots of photos taken of me and the sign, lots of people complimenting me on my artwork (and she's rejecting funding for the arts!), lots of thumbs up, and when I was running (I was a few minutes late) I had two nice ladies stop and give me a ride the last hundred yards or so.

Sarah Palin actually came out and spoke to the group, a lot of blabbing about why she was rejecting money that would be good for our state. Even the most fiscally conservative State Congressmen are working to build legislation to accept the money that Palin is rejecting.

She wore red.

Some friends of mine had good signs as well. Most notable was Mr. MM's sign - a for sale sign which read: FOR SALE BY PALIN: OUR FUTURE.

Too bad I don't look nicer in this picture - I woke up hungover at 11am and went to work on the sign, neglecting my usual preening for the sake of art and politics.

There was another protest directly after - they didn't claim me or my poster. It wasn't really applicable, though I sort of believe that this particular poster is applicable every single day of her time in office.

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