Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Success in measures.

If I can't be a legie, damn it, I will be the bartender for the legies!

I remember the stories of the legislature in the past, of how deals were made or broken in the Baranof hotel and bar, how outside of the capitol, things really happened. That culture is mostly dead today, but the legies still flock together to bars.

For some reason, the Triangle has always been a favorite. Why? Tradition, I guess. Long before it was taken over by the haggard and belligerent, it was the legies. The Baranof is another favorite, but the Baranof is overpriced and overrated. Who wants to pay a dollar more per drink, just to sit in a snooty hotel bar? Not me. I guess some of the legies don't mind it. The Alaskan draws in the legies, though a lot of the regular Alaskan crowd resents this. I've seen them at the 'Vous a time or two.

The Bergmann though, the Bergmann is perfect. It's quiet, sort of out of the way, but no big trek from the capitol. It has a nice atmosphere, a great scotch collection, and most nights of the week, it has me.

I should be a draw because I'm a solid bartender. I should also be a draw because I'm smart, because I'm politically savvy, because I know legies and they know me. It may take a little time and a little networking, but if I can't be in there in an office, working my little ass off, I'll be here, getting legies drunk, making their martinis and manhattans, pouring their beers and preparing their scotch.

My day will come, someday.

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