Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Problem with: the Job, the Friend, the Ex

Unofficially and underpaid-ly, I am the manager of the bar I work at. I do it because we, the bartenders, all benefit from the place being managed. If I do things like scheduling and inventories and orders and pricing and policies and organizing events - WE ALL BENEFIT. And as a bartender as well as unofficial and underpaid manager, that means I benefit. That is how I justify doing what I do.

One of the things I've taken on doing is making sure the bar opens every single day, at least relatively on time, and stays open until close unless there is no hope. This has involved me taking on more shifts, scheduling people to do different shifts, hiring people to take on shifts, and most recently removing a person from a shift. Let's not call it firing, let's call it, encouragement to step down from a responsibility too great for the current abilities and availability of the employee at hand.

This bartender who has been flaky at best? She's a friend of mine. I like her a lot. She is a great person to talk to, to hang out with, and we've had many a good time. That's why there was no way to say: "Um, you are fired." Instead we had an easy talk about whether it was a commitment which could be kept, if there was another shift that might work better, and it was decided that she'd be an on-call bartender rather than a scheduled bartender. This means that I won't have to call people frantically at 10:30pm when I hear that the bar hasn't opened. I will probably have to have the talk with one other bartender who apparently chose to work at his other job rather than at the bar, all without any sort of communication. But I can't really hold it against him since I'm only unofficially the manager and scheduler. Hmm. Maybe I need a t-shirt made.

So, right, that's the problem with the job and the friend. Here is where we get to the friend and the ex. Yeah, they're dating. I've mentioned that. So, she came in last night to work, we had that talk and I took the shift, so I poured her a beer and we started talking. We talked about a bunch of stuff and were having a pretty decent conversation spanning from work and school to, eventually, the man we have in common. I think I tried to candy coat it to the world, I was head over heels for Mr. A and tolerated a lot of stuff I should not have tolerated. I wanted to think that if I persevered, he'd find the time and energy to be what I knew he could be, but it didn't work out that way. Once I had grown so bitter about it, once all my friends declared hatred of him, he wanted to be a better man. Too little, too late. This friend, she tells it like it is, she wasn't blinded by her own emotions and her own relationship with him - she saw that the relationship he and I had shared was a shit show vs. their little lovey dovey romance. While we were talking about the bad I saw versus the good she sees, who walks in? Yup. Because having to have the "maybe you shouldn't work here/this shift" talk wasn't difficult enough.

So, then, for a thankfully brief period of time, it was me, her and him. Talk about "three's company."

Later I was joined by many other customers and friends, off and on, most notably, perhaps, some of the "young lawyers' support group" who managed to get fairly intoxicated on Red Breast and, well, "Who throws a muddler, anyway?"

I also had Miss EM and her boyfriend in. They declared it their favorite bar, as many do, and I discovered that Miss EM may, in fact, be my soul mate. I'm sure her fiancee doesn't really mind. We are thinking about collaborating and making a comic. I've never done a collaboration again, but it seems exciting. I know, you are all thinking, "how do you expect to collaborate on a friggin' comic when you can't even update your very own comic regularly?" But really, I have a valid excuse this time, Wordpress hates me and I couldn't get it to insert the images into my posts. I'm hoping it was a brief hiccup in system function and that, as soon as I am finished here, I can update the comics I've most recently made. For rizzle.

Back on the subject of the YLS Group, we had a fairly raucous and hilarious conversation - fairly loud - in which it was determined that I should not go to law school or grad school. One, a Mr. T Jd declared that I should run for office (the position held by Rep. Munoz) and swore to pay for my bus pass (since I am opposed to living in the valley). I know that I have a couple votes, at least, except they probably live downtown. Well, I'll give my political career some time. I think they may be some of my favorites after this night - I can't properly describe how hilarious they all were, especially when Mr. T Jd threw the muddler. Baffling.

Over all, it wasn't the busiest night, though I made as much in tips as I had the night prior, to the cent. It was, however, a delightful night. The company was good and who cares if it isn't packed? I mean, it's more exciting when it's packed, but having good company counts as exciting as well.

Another thing that must be pointed out is that I went treasure hunting at Salvo and St. Vinny's with Miss A and Miss C - I found some real gems: A pair of satin pumps which can only be described as neon watermelon. Also, Miss A and I both walked away with Dominic dolls, dubbed by us to be "South Beach Ken" dolls. Can you just picture it? I'll probably post a photo some time. I also picked up four great books for only $0.40 and a pink mesh closet organizer trimmed with pink maribou. Amazing.

That was pretty much it for my weekend. Nothing terrible exciting. Much like my life in general, which has hit a plateau of sorts, there's no up or down so much as just easing through. In a sense, it is lovely, in another sense, it is dull. Here's hoping for adventure in the future!

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