Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mmmm, fire.

I've been "Guest Starring" at the Rendezvous some lately. A shift here, a shift there. The new weekday schedule is much better than the consistent 8-2, 2-8, 8-close schedule that used to afflict all days of the week, now just weekends. I'm there right now. And I am bored. Yesterday people came in to drink, today, nobody. Boo.

I figured with all this down time I should post a comic or two. Or three. But wordpress would have it otherwise. Yup, that's right. I blog all over the place: here, wordpress, hell, I once had a livejournal! Anyway, usually it works wonderfully, but right now I can't seem to get my comics in my posts and it is very frustrating. Lucky for me, I'm still in a pretty good mood from last night.

Last night after I got off work I ran home for a bit to change in time for a Rotaract meeting. Both before and after that for a spell, I was at the Bergmann with Miss P, enjoying some delightful beverages. Once I had finished showing Mr. K the ropes and receiving quite the compliment from quite the badass, I went home to get on some warmer clothes (yeah, that was another costume change) so I could go to a bonfire on Sandy Beach.

I went with Miss B, her roommate, and assorted gents to meet up with Miss MJ and Mr. JB and whomever else might be around. It was a pretty small group but we had fun. There's something so lovely about a nice little bonfire on a sandy beach under a clear and star-filled sky. It may have been cold, but we had warmth in our bellies from alcohol and the heat from the fire. The fire stayed pretty small, but at some point we did burn a wooden and wicker chair. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, talked, stoked the fire, and gazed at the stars.

I caught a ride back to downtown around 2am with Mr. JW, who is back in town. I say he is back in town but there is a good chance he has never before been mentioned in this blog. He's played a role in some stories way back in the day, back when Mr. C was an actor. Now, I'm pretty sure I've gone through and renamed someone else Mr. C without any explanation, but such is the way of this blog. I aim to confuse!

Tonight is a grand opening for the Planned Parenthood here in Juneau! For such a liberal community, many of us are amazed with the trouble it took to get a Planned Parenthood here. I don't think I'll be able to go, but I wish I could. It'll be great for the community. I am going out to dinner with my roommate, Miss J, this evening, assuming either of us have money for something so frivolous since this morning's rude awakening. As I was heading off to work, I discovered a notice on our door, it was a threat to shut off our electricity. What? In all my time living with Miss J, she has always paid the bill on time, no worries. Suddenly, we get a notice claiming we owe some exorbitant (but not unfathomable) sum of money (I think we may still be on diesel, thanks to that avalanche) and that if we don't pay up in 5 days, we'll be shut down. Miss J is going to take care of it right after work, so then we'll have electricity. Maybe we'll appreciate that so much we'll cook on our electric stove instead of going out to eat.

Since my whole weekend is consumed by working, I think that I will make tonight another of my weekend nights. The other being last night. It is open mic at the Alaskan and Mr. K will be working at the Bergmann. Definitely a nice night to go out and have a little fun.

On a somewhat nostalgic note, I've heard that smell is the strongest trigger of memory. That being said, the smell of bonfires and woodsmoke reminds me of the summer, specifically the time during the summer when I was dating Mr. MM. Such a great month-ish of my life, really. I guess I'm partially getting nostalgic because I am not involved with anyone right now and may be just the slightest bit lonely. It's nothing overwhelming though, overall, my feeling about most things in life is pretty level. No strong emotions in any direction.

Regarding dating - I did send a text message to Mr. HL inviting him to the bonfire, I think he would have gladly come along had it not been on a weeknight. Thing is: come or not, would he be coming more for the bonfire? Probably. I was happy to have received a nice friendly response, since we haven't been in contact all that much recently. Alas, he's probably just not that into me, but I may still entertain my little hopes and dreams of a session-long fling with Mr. HL. Don't worry, I'm not about to do anything desperate. I've got dignity, damn it!

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