Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life on a Plateau

Has anyone else noticed how boring this blog is lately? Yeah. Sorry.

Life on a plateau: not that exciting.

Usually I might have some really exciting news. Or some really terrible news. Lately though, I've got only mundane sorts of news. Maybe I'll take to bulleting so you, my lovely reader(s) don't have to deal with excess words.

  • I applied for a job which I probably won't get, but I did make a special note informing the powers that be that if I'm not good enough for the job I really want, I'd accept the other job as well. Talk about being a confident woman!
  • I got my rook pierced. It's a part of the cartilage of the ear. I feel kind of badass. Moreso because I didn't cry or whine or anything. I've heard that redheaded women have a higher tolerance for pain than other categories of people.
  • I made an appointment to do that annual exam that women get. That's not so exciting as where it is though, the newly opened Planned Parenthood here in Juneau! Because it is so new, I had my choice of appointment dates and times. I tried to make an appointment with Public Health once and they had to schedule me a month out.
  • For the last three weekend days tending bar, I walked out with the same dollar amount in cash - to the dollar. I wonder what tonight holds? So far not a single person has walked in the door, but it's early yet.
  • I did get an invitation to attend the Shamrock 'n' Roll party, planned by Mr. HL and another legie I know. I was excited to get an invitation but I am having second thoughts about my relationship with the legies. I mean, I'm not a legie. I'm not banging a legie (so crass!). I'm not BFF with a legie. I'm not the relative of a legie. So YEAH, I'm a big D. So YEAH, I'm just as qualified to be up there as a number of these people. So YEAH, I'm technically good friends with at least a handful of legies. And YEAH, one time I was very briefly involved with a legie. But I kind of feel sick to my stomach doing the same high school self doubt thing - wondering if they really like me and really want me there.
  • I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's again today - I really do love this movie.
  • Yesterday the boss' bitch-is-crazy girlfriend told me I looked nice. Coming from her, it actually means: "You look less ugly than I usually think you look, I can't believe attractive men are interested in you in any way."
Well, that concludes the bullets and the blogging for the day. Most exciting of those bullets? Probably the piercing. That's right kids, I'm a pierced and tattooed young professional, who currently tends bar for a living.

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