Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm going to write about assholes and vaginas, metaphorically and literally, in that order.

Day time bartending = not that awesome. For most of the day I was convinced that that $1 tip would be the only tip I'd receive. Luckily, later on more people with a little class showed up. Even the homeless guy tipped more than some of these assholes. Right now Miss J and Co. are here, so that means that I am in good company AND I will get tipped for making and pouring drinks. YESSSSSS!

I've been stuck doing random stupid crap most of the day, things like cleaning and organizing and picking staples off a wall in the cold. Yup, that's what I do with a college degree.

Last night when I got off I found another job for which to apply! Hip hip hooray! Now I just have to write a nice coverletter. Hate coverletters.

Last night I tried and failed, having two pints of cider and then watching Hamlet 2 instead. Amazing movie, by the way.

Today I broke away. I said EFF YOU to a few industries. This one's for the ladies - if you are male and/or squeamish about women's issues, don't read any further.

Today, I chose to give up buying tampons and I bought a Diva Cup. Basically, I will save a ton of money AND save the environment. If you aren't sure what this is, ladies, check it out and consider it. I just started using it, but I'm already impressed with the convenience and the fact that I will never have to go buy friggin' tampons ever again. No longer will I rely on cotton fiber and plastic, no longer will I fill landfills with such nonsense, no longer will I have to flush or toss non-bio-degradable materials. I am free!

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