Friday, February 13, 2009

I am, how you say, brilliant...

Friday, February the 13th, 3:17 am, location: Cemetery.

Morbid, no? Spooky, no? Wait, yes. Accidental? Also yes. Post open mic at the Alaskan, I went with Miss B to her place, which I had not yet visited. After watching way too many episodes of Sex and the City, I decided it was time to wander home, tired, through the dark winding streets of the hills of Juneau.

I was a community organizer in Juneau's 3rd House District, I've walked these streets and one might think that I'd know my way around. Well, somehow, I suck at this knowing where I am and where I'm going thing. I took a wrong-ish turn and wandered down ice laden streets until I found myself at the Cemetery.

The nice thing about finding myself at the cemetery was that I knew exactly how to get my cold self home. The not so nice thing about finding myself there was that it was sort of eerie. Usually I'm not easily spooked, but there's something about such superstitious days as today. Getting lost in a neighborhood I technically know? Bad luck, perhaps.

So far I haven't had any other poor luck today, but I'm certainly not as productive as I'd have hoped. Also still no word on jobs or any such nice things. One of these days I have to suck it up and write a bunch more cover letters, hoping that someone sees me fit to hire.

Other things of note include a very busy Wednesday night. Went out with Miss E and stayed out 'til the wee hours. Thursday was a much more relaxed day, partially due to hangover, partially due to being poor. I did hit up open mic, as I noted, but had only one drink and sipped on water the rest of the time.

I've got some lovely ideas for comics, based on my Wisconsin trip. So look out for some new ones! I have discovered that sometimes I lack inspiration, so perhaps I should ask for suggestions like Kate Beaton does...

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brookeinak said...

So umm...sorry I guess i should've told you where the stairs are. You still would've ended up beside the cemetary, but definitely not smack dab in the middle. If I were a better friend, I would've walked you home. Next time I will.