Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Grapevine: Fermented

I'm working at the 'Vous today. Another of those day shifts I forgot I didn't really miss. I sold one beer to a man I had to kick out a few drinks in - it's hard to gauge if a person is really intoxicated when they first walk in before the clock hits noon. Or eleven. When he started too do the droopy head bit, I snagged the beer and shooed him away. He's tried to come back a number of times, but it takes only a shake of the head and a wave of a hand to get him to totter back out onto the street. I also sold two dollars worth of pull tabs. Oh, such a glorious day. It's cold too, my hands are thinking about going completely numb.

Oh, and I woke up ten minutes before I was supposed to be at work, and that was less than 3.5 hours after I went to bed.

Now, last night, yesterday - Valentine's Day - was an OK day. I worked at the boutique for a little bit, nothing exciting, but after that I headed up to the Berg to tend bar. I had a lot to look forward to. I had had a friend who works as a legislative aide request that they hold a V-day event there. With Jell-o shots. I got the owner to buy some alcohol and some Jell-o and I got to work. Early in the night I had some customers, including some friends and acquaintances and a group of bar-hopping Arizonans.

The bar-hopping Arizonans consisted of two men and a woman, ages ranging from late 30's to early 50's I'd guess. They racked up a tab of roughly $50, including my nights special beverage, a raspberry chocolate martini which I made up for the occasion. They were friendly and fun, but when the tab was closed and signed, I was disappointed to find a blank in the tip section and just a little scribbled signature. I had even shared my new recipe! The fellows started heading out and the woman stayed back a moment and chatted, asking at some point if the guys had taken care of me. Awkward as it may have been to say, I answered honestly: No. She went and after a few moments came back with a cash tip. What a lady.

A newer acquaintance, Miss NW, was in for a bit, we talked about music a bunch and she introduced me to Pale Young Gentlemen (lovely stuff), and Andrew Bird. We sampled some jell-o shots when they were solidified and then I found myself alone at the bar again. I waited and waited, beginning to fear that I had made about 50 jell-o shots for nothing.

I am guessing that the flakey bar-tendress had stated intentions of working that night, which she didn't, but I think I'm right in believing it was another no-call-no-show sort of thing because her boyfriend, AKA Mr. A, came in. I don't think he'd have stopped by to chat with me. He just stayed for one drink and then headed out. Kind of awkward. At least I didn't get shit-faced upon seeing him. So, the funny thing was that Mr. A mentioned that he heard the Bergmann was the place to be for the night. It's funny to hear that the bar you are working is the place to be when the number of people in the room can be counted on one hand. Missing a finger or two.

Finally, around 11:15 or so, people started to filter in. They filtered quickly. Suddenly the Bergmann was packed full of lawyers and legies and other professional types, all letting loose. All the jell-o shots were consumed, along with numerous other shots, martinis, manhattans, beers, cocktails, and whatever else. Between the hours of 11:15 and 2:15, the Bergmann was packed. Apparently Downtown Proper was dead, but I had my hands full pouring drinks and tossing out Jell-o shots and chatting with the clientele. Mr. HL showed up along with some others. I still have a crush on him, though things are not going anywhere. I found myself all jealous that he left with Miss AM, whom I think is fantastic. I don't think there is anything going on there, based on my interactions with her, but that doesn't mean that he isn't madly in love with her and not at all interested in me. Oh well. I will probably just will myself to get over it.

The place cleared out in time for me to clean up quickly. I was just about to head out when Mr. EE showed up. As a sort of partner to the owner, he sort of has some special privileges. I stuck around for one more drink and chatted with that crew about things like socialism and healthcare and third world countries. Should have just gone home though, responsibility sometimes fails me.

Up next today, I will be going to the Wearable Arts Show - assuming I get my ticket... hmm. Then I work at the Bergmann again. It'll probably be another dead night, but I'm hoping some people will show!

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