Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Supporting Roommate goes to: ME

My roommate and her boyfriend broke up. She's been on a "bender" since. As a good roommate, I am being supportive and that means joining her on this bender.

On Sunday, my roommate's Friday, I got Miss P to cover my shift and I went home to get ready for the Oscars Night Party at the 'Vous. I stole Miss J's junior year prom dress from her closet and teased and pinned the hair into a french twist. I walked down the hill, wind blasting, and showed up at the party to discover a decent crowd for Sunday night and a decent amount of formal wear. Also, one of the most annoying people I know, but whatever. I didn't get too crazy, actually, nor did anyone else at that event. Once the Oscars were over, Miss A headed to the Hangar to close a tab and do some damage control while I headed over to the Imperial for my first night at church in a long time.

Miss J was there with Miss M and Mr. M and some other great people. Plus one of my all time favorite bartenders works on Sundays. More drinks were had and lots of fun and silliness. I took lots of pictures. We also went back to the 'Vous at some point for one last round of drinks. Somehow this was supposed to all be very exciting, but in all honesty, it was just like most any other night, aside from the fact that Miss J was super drunk and I was wearing a prom dress. I guess one of the highlights of the night was when I won a Budweiser carry-on bag for "Biggest Understatement of the Year" for saying something that was, indeed, a gross understatement.

When I woke up on Monday, I discovered a text message from Miss J. I called her and she told me she was at the 'Vous because Miss M was working. As I said, as best supporting roommate, I am spending time with Miss J and doing what Miss J does, so that meant going to the 'Vous as well. I started out slow, having one drink, taking Miss J's car home, having another drink, drinking water. But one must know that starting drinking at 2pm will eventually get you drunk. Miss E came out, her sister and sister's boyfriend were in town. We had a pretty good crowd going at the bar for an early afternoon. At some point we ditched this bar and hit up the Alaskan, then hit up the Triangle, etc. I was really drunk at this point and will admit to the following really embarrassing things:

  • Asking someone I went on one date with why we didn't go on another. Awkward. Especially awkward since I suggested we try again and he told me he's dating someone.
  • Telling a brand new acquaintance whom I barely know that she is my hero, showering her with compliments and nonsense that I've probably made up.
  • Telling this same new acquaintance about my stupid crush and stupid history with Mr. HL.
  • Playing pool really horribly, not coming anywhere near hitting balls and not being anywhere near coordinated enough to properly aim.
Didn't I recently talk about lessons learned, re-learned, and lessons that I really ought to have learned by now? Wasn't one of those lessons related to drinking and being an idiot? Hmmm.

Today I had a rather wretched hangover but managed to get my ass out of bed to hang out with Miss J, eat cold pizza and tomato soup and soda crackers, and watch some episodes of Angel, because watching the entire Buffy series wasn't nerdy enough.

Now I am working but it is another slow night. Apparently people don't think "Bergmann" when they think "Fat Tuesday" and "boob flashing" and "beads." I do have beads. Three strands. If I do get a flasher, I'll be prepared.

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