Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's What and Who's Who in 2009:

Where do I stand in 2009? What's what? Who's who?

I am underemployed, though I've picked up a couple more shifts at the Bergmann and I am hoping to get some shifts in subbing at the High School or one of the elementary schools within walking distance. I put in a lot of resumes with a lot of non-profits and with the legislature, but I guess I have been spoiled recently and have therefore been less than pro-active in job-seeking. I am crossing my fingers I get the non-profit job saving the oceans (similar to the last one, but long term) because it seems like my best option. Otherwise, who knows what I'll be doing to pass the time until I can fulfill my New Year's Resolution of getting a job that provides me with a business card. That's just my way of saying I want a good career-esque job.

Mr. TB and I had coffee over the weekend, we chatted and uploaded music onto my new iPod touch (I love it a lot). We had a good time, but then I had to go work at the boutique. Only worked about 3 hours, is that even worth it, considering how little money I make there?

Mr. CPP and I saw each other again post declaration of just-friendship-for-real-this-time and chatted briefly, including about the return of my former roommate, lover, and our mutual friend Mr. L. The roommate thing will briefly be reinstated when he returns to town and most likely crashes on my couch until he secures another place to live, the friend thing has been continuous, but the lover thing is long since over. He also sent me a text message last night, but I was too busy watching Buffy after the life changing movie night which included watching Berry Gordie's The Last Dragon and Flash Gordon. Plus we had lovely wine and cheese.

Mr. G is back in town. This became all too apparent when he showed up at Miss P's place Saturday night after bar close. Miss P's place has become a "flop pad" where people often show up to crash instead of going home to bed, for whatever reason. A girl was passed out on the couch snoring obscenely so Miss P, Mr. G and I all went up to Miss P's room to crash. Miss P and I both have a bit of history with Mr. G, but we both assumed that we could all crash and have no issues. Well, not entirely the case. After an awkward night of trying to keep some semblance of personal space, I've determined that Mr. G and I need to have a really serious chat, or we need to not be anywhere near this close in contact.

I subbed for the Rendezvous team of the Women's Pool League. What came as surprising for most of us was that I didn't suck too badly. I actually sort of held my own, winning one game (girl scratched the 8) and removing most of my balls from the table before losing the other games. Miss P is on the team with Miss CB and Miss EB.

'Church' on Sunday was a good time, it was nice to be back in that setting and have some beers and play some pool and see friends.

And I think that is 2009 so far.

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