Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcoming the New Year and New Adventures

I planned the California trip so I could leave after I finished the job saving the oceans and return in time to ring in the new year with friends. Getting drunk and kissing at midnight is much more fun/possible when with friends.

NYE day began with breakfast with Miss G, Miss MH, and Miss P, plus their younger sisters. We had pancakes and eggs and sausage and fruit and mimosas. Good way to start the day, no?

While in California I hit up H&M and bought a purple satin sheath dress for $34.90 (I love H&M) for the purpose of wearing on NYE. I like to look good. It was a lovely dress. Miss J dressed up too, so did Miss G (back in town for the holidays) and Miss MH (back in town for the holidays and legislative season). A lot of people were dressed up, I guess. We started the night out at my place, having a little drink and snack before heading to the Bergmann where Miss P was working. We had some drinks there and were tipsy and wanted to head to where the action would be. We chose the Rendezvous where Wisconsin Slim was playing. Great for dancing and I know and like the bartenders.

When the countdown started, I found myself panicking. I know it sounds silly, but that midnight kiss seems like a big deal and since Mr. CPP and I are no longer doing our fake just friends thing and are doing a real just friends thing, I actually had to think about this matter. I placed myself next to Mr. TDH just in time and got another half-assed kiss reminiscent of my half-assed kiss ringing in 2005? Either way, I've so far had terrible luck with New Year's kisses. Those were the only two. Neither dude had his heart in it, and who knew guys had to have their heart in it to kiss a chick? I mean, really?

Now, being the sassy lady that I am, I walked away from the half-assed kisser and probably went to grab another drink in an attempt to wipe away the memory of nobody really wanting to kiss me passionately to ring in the New Year. Then Mr. TB showed up. I guess I really was feeling sassy because I told him that, had he arrived two minutes earlier, he could have been my NYE kiss. Then we kissed. Then we did what is really inappropriate and kept kissing. Uh oh, PDA. We pretty much made out for a half hour or so in a crowded bar, while all of my friends snapped (hopefully only mental) photographs of the event for future black mail or mockery at the very least.

We made a stop at a hotel party with the Texans, where we took swigs of Goldschlager and continued to be sort of all over each other. Us being all over each other did not stop the Texan Don Juan from attempting to play footsie with me. Classy. Mr. M came up and found us, asking for my keys so he could get Miss J home, she was pretty drunk. He and Mr. H walked her up to the apartment, with a bad slip on the way, apparently. Mr. TB and I made it up there too, where we continued to make out in the doorway while those three were making it up here. I think it is most awkward because Mr. TB is Mr. M's best friend. Mr. M is Miss J's brother. All awkward. Anyway, that was how we all rang in the New Year. We tucked Miss J in and all went to bed or went home.

January 1st was a day of zero productivity. Miss J and I lounged on the couch and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer all day. I am, at this point in time, 1/4 the way through season 3 of 7 or 8. To be honest, that has been sort of descriptive of most of my days since returning. Considering I am underemployed, there has been plenty of time to lie around and watch Buffy. I had never watched it before, but Miss J is an enabler.

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