Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some days, I appreciate inconsistency.

Monday night began to look up with a few whiskey sours and a couple kamikazes in my system. Plus I have good friends. Those help more.

Today I made some money working for JEDC putting together robotics kits for teachers in Alaska. The job itself wasn't particularly thrilling, but one of the people who was working on the project is interesting indeed. We chatted some and I discovered that he is a writer. That's pretty much it, and by that I mean he doesn't have a steady job but works when he needs money, I guess. It's a lifestyle I'd gladly take on, had I not dug myself into a very deep hole with student loans and credit card debt. Post-work I went to Silverbow.

So did he. We didn't really chat much more, but exchanged some words. He's a very cool person and I'm glad that we had some interactions. He was also very nice in that, though he didn't end up sticking around the Bergmann tonight, he did bring me my check. Very kind indeed.

The Bergmann has been slow, though I have had some customers. I had Mr. G and Mr. LM in for a bit. They are funny ones, enjoyable company. Mr. TT came in. He's been pleasant company a lot lately. We first met before the holidays and danced a couple times, but since then we've run into each other by chance here and there and he has consciously decided to visit me on some occasions as well.

Now, I am always unsure about in between stages in my love life. Stages when I am openly dating or hanging out with more than one person. It makes me wonder what is appropriate and what is not. I mean, so long as I'm not officially dating someone, I am technically free to do whatever the heck I want, but there seems like there may be some fine line. I doubt that a guy dating me casually/starting to date me would want to know that I was kissing some other dude the day before or even the week before, right? Not that they need to know... but I generally at least hint at makeouts or dates in this blog and if someone who were sort of interested in me were to read this and know that the makeout in question was not him... what if he gets jealous? Am I sabotaging my love life by being open about it?

Anyway, tomorrow I am meant to hang out with Mr. TB and we are going to have some drinks and hang out. We have had a couple fails with the hanging out, but it should be fun. He's someone that I feel comfortable with because we have a lot in common, not just in interests, but I also feel like he's someone I can be myself with whether I am feeling happy or sad or anything in between.

I've determined that if I can keep busy I can keep from getting stressed out and becoming an emotional wreck. That being said, tomorrow I must come up with something productive to do.

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