Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

And where have I been?

Right, so I mentioned this trip to California to visit family. Did that, survived that, made it back to Alaska in one piece and without attacking fellow airline passengers. That last bit took some restraint. Now I am here, have survived New Year's Eve and have entered the new year as - well - a bum.

I haven't been UNemployed in a long time, but I am again UNDERemployed and I wish that would be over, especially since I just spent my ENTIRE BONUS purchasing my round trip flight to Minneapolis to attend a friend's wedding in ONE MONTH. Sorry for all the capital letters. I've just had a couple shots of espresso and I feel like my life's little problems are particularly pressing.

It's quite difficult for me right now to put my thoughts in any sort of relevant order, so bear with me as I try to spill on the last two weeks of life. I may practice some self control and schedule these updates to occur over the next few days. Look at me, I'm learning and growing as a blogger, isn't it cute?

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