Saturday, January 31, 2009

No news is good news, right?

Well, I had that interview. I'm waiting to hear back. A fellow WU alum had interviewed for the same position and shared his bad news yesterday evening. He didn't get it. Got a call that day. I haven't heard yet. He seemed to think that they'd let the lucky candidate know before they'd call the unlucky candidates, but I'm crossing my fingers that no news is good news. Maybe I'll be invited to a second interview? Or maybe they knew exactly who they didn't want, but are still weighing a couple other candidates, like me?

Just updated the comics! I've been making them, slowly and steadily, since the last update. Finally put up about 8 today. Man!

Last night the Bergmann was packed! Crazy. It was nice to have a bit of a challenge.

Went on a real live date recently. The lame thing about it all is that I don't think we've got the spark.

Met up with Mr. HL again. Definitely a spark there, but he may be another of the many d-bags I choose to lust after and long for.

Finally got paid and can pay rent and certain bills. Still poor. Boo. No news on the PR job. Ummm, where's my interview?

Tonight get to go out and have fun! Probably the last hoorah before my trip to the Midwest. Get to see Mr. KB on my layover this trip. See Miss AB in MN and Miss HA, Miss MM, and Miss ML once I get to the EC. I hear it is cold. I can handle it though.

Wish I had something really witty to share, but I'm in a hurry. Meeting the roomie for dinner and drinks!


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