Monday, January 26, 2009

It looked right.

This morning I strode confidently into the capitol building, fresh faced and long black coat clad. I looked like I belonged. I chatted with someone in the elevator, we had a dance class together once. I walked to the office and mentioned that it had been suggested that I talk to Mr. Legislative Aide. Miss MC redirected me attention to her, the woman doing the hiring. I was refreshed. She is someone I had met before. On multiple occasions, including the dance lessons. She is dating the guy I was chatting with in the elevator. She mentioned that she had met me at the Alaskan. Uh oh. Was it Saturday? Because that isn't in my favor.

She gave me her e-mail address to send my resume and talked interviews right away. Promising, right? There is hope for me yet! The position really exists and has not yet been filled. I am finding myself in stride, rather than a step behind. Finally.

Last night my house inexplicably became party central. Usually it is me and the roomie, maybe her boyfriend, maybe a friend of mine. Nothing major. When I got home after bar close, I discovered loud conversation and a number of people. Considering I was planning to walk amongst the living at an early hour today, I was somewhat dismayed that last night was the night for merriment and drinking and loud conversing. I stayed in the front room for a bit, trying to keep Mr. G at bay, trying to hide my annoyance at the quibbling between the drunkards. It's not that I didn't like the people - just that I was sober and requiring sleep. The one night I really wanted to go to bed immediately I can hear stupid conversation from across the apartment, not to mention the movie being played.

Also. The moment I stepped into the apartment building I walked into a wall of acrid, skunky, weed smell. I'm 99% positive that at least two of my 3 neighbors are smokers, but this was coming from my apartment. Uh oh. Considering neither my roommate nor I smoke, I knew I was in for an interesting situation.

Overall, I didn't sleep long or well, but sheer motivation got me out of bed to go to the Representative's office. Good thing I am so motivated.

Everyone seems to be getting sick these days, I am hoping I can avoid it. Miss MH gave me a pack of Emergen-C today, so maybe that will help me to stave off any lurking viruses.

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Sharon said...

That stuff is fake. Try taking Echinacea. :)