Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm not burning bridges, it's merely singed.

I'm so ronery. So ronery. So ronery and sadry arone.

It's 5:30pm Alaska Standard Time and the Bergmann is sadly empty. It's me, the moody laptop, my iPod touch, and hopes for a packed bar tonight. But alas, this is the weekend when things happen.


Friday AND Saturday: The JUMP Film Festival is taking place at the Silverbow in the evenings - showings at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets are free - stop by Lucid Reverie in the building with Heritage on Franklin Street to get yours. I'm attending Saturday at 7pm if you would like to stalk me. Also, Sean Tracy and co. will be performing at the Alaskan both nights. I do enjoy that old-timey country and bluegrass.

Saturday: The Juneau Dems are holding the Obama Inaugural Ball. Miss C and I will be attending after the film festival. We are guessing it won't go until 3 in the morning, so we should have enough time to catch some of the live music at the Alaskan too. Tomorrow night will be a busy night!

I am guessing that tonight, holding so many options for things to do other than sitting in a lonely and remote bar like the Bergmann, things will be quiet. Maybe I can coerce some people to mosey on up. We do have the best collection of whisk(e)y in town, after all.

About the bridge burning though - I have a love-hate relationship with blogging about my life. I actually ditched another blog that I kept through most of my college career - it got too personal and mentioned too many names. I had a real following, but at whose expense? I don't think anyone got into trouble, but I did once have a bit of a spat with a girl over a dance date... We became friends once thing cleared up. Now - I try to maintain some level of privacy by relinquishing the use of real names, but if you are mentioned in this blog, you likely know it. So, to my readers who get mentioned... I hope I have not singed any of our bridges!

In my recent blog I think I said something along the lines of "forget anyone else" in my giddy infatuation with Mr. HL, which is silly. I don't want to forget anyone and I am not altering any of my relationships with people at this point. Things will happen as they happen.

In other news - I know who my competition is for this PR job. There are two. They are young (this coming from a 23 year old). They are less experienced. They are in for some competition. I also discovered, upon checking out the website further, that I know two of the team members in this company. One is merely someone I met attending the Southeast Summit meeting last spring, the other is the wife of a fellow Rotaractor - we've been in contact a number of times, hopefully she regards me as well as I do her. Cross your fingers, reader(s), this could be my future. I only just today learned what the job title was and I don't have a job description, but I like my cover letter. It's not stuffy and I think it demonstrates my character. Miss D at the staffing agency seemed to enjoy it. Are cover letters usually enjoyable?

Today wound up being busier than I had anticipated. I again slept in until a very leisurely hour, but then ran errands about time and called on a few friends. I picked up my ticket to the Ball at Hearthside Books downtown (I've bought some gifts for people and some books here in the past). I dropped off my bridesmaid dress to get altered by Rae in the downtown Heritage building. She's the sweetest lady. I leave for the wedding in less than two weeks and she told me she would have it done for me in no more than a week. Leave it to me to procrastinate (sorry bride-to-be, but don't worry) but I can leave it to Rae to take care of me. It's only the sleeves that need alterations anyway - otherwise it is a lovely fit. I then headed to the Silverbow where I wrote my favorite cover letter to date. Then I ran down to Heritage to drink a coffee and meet up with Ms. S, a former elected official and woman about town. Walking up the hill to head home, I decided to stop by and visit Mrs. H at her office. She is another one of the many wonderful women I know around town who have been amazingly supportive and a delight to talk with.

And here I am, at the Bergmann, hoping for some company. Come visit, please?

Also worth mentioning: I had dinner with the ladies from the boutique and it was delightful. The women I was with ranged from 40 to 50 years older than me and all three of them had been very active about town and especially with the legislature in the late 60's and early 70's. Listening to the stories of the very young legislature and all of the debauchery and the like - wonderful. I wish I had a tape recorder to take it all in. A girl could write novels about the stories these women were telling. Who had affairs with whom, where the real deals were made, and what has happened since. Today's legislature seems so dull - not even the legislative aides, in their 20's and 30's are quite as wild as the elected officials were in those days.

Open Mic Night on Thursday at the Alaskan was also nice. There were some really fantastic performances and the Story Corps girls orchestrated some interesting story telling and question asking that was quite enjoyable. Even the drunken antics were at least somewhat amusing.

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