Thursday, January 22, 2009

I noticed you noticing me...

Yesterday was another "I win" day.  It's been a while since I've had a really, really good day.  A day in which all things fall into place.  In which all things are brilliant and wonderful.  But yesterday was one of those days.

Days leading up to it have been typical for my time post vacation and pre-real job.  I've done too much sleeping, the same amount of drinking as I ever did, and I've been working at the Bergmann.

Yesterday was a lovely day for the following reasons:

I had a job interview!  I think it went well, too.  It went pretty smoothly and I apparently answered questions the right way, which is good!  Go teamwork!  That is the short version of the answer.

During the job interview, I got a call from the ladies at AEG telling me there were some potential jobs.  I love them and they love me, so luckily they call me ASAP when something good comes up.  I have a cover letter to write, but cross your fingers because I may join the wide world of PR professionals.  I think half the bloggers I read are PR professionals.  I'll just be joining the ranks of the greats.  In some way at least.

After I chatted with the ladies at AEG I went and worked for a couple hours at Boheme, nothing much, but working any hours is usually good.  Ms. H told me we'd be having dinner tonight (Thursday) with all the employees.  It should be good fun.  I'll definitely be the youngest in attendance by a solid 40 years, but all the ladies are very interesting to spend time with.  

Once I got off work, I went to go eat something at Silverbow, but then I got a call from Mrs. N telling me to get my butt to the legislative reception.  I showed up, mingled some, ate some chocolate covered strawberries, and checked out the hot legie (pronounced ledge-ee).  So, hot legie has been in town for about a week and I thought he was attractive from the moment I saw him.  I met him on Sunday, there was a conversation about why Sundays at the Imp are called church and about Gerald Ford.  Two separate topics.  Obviously.  

Post reception, I had a Rotaract meeting.  Mostly it was great.  All except for a certain Rotarian who has made it his goal in life to be the world's biggest douchebag.  He excels.  I think it is his goal to find flaw in anything I say, to point out any weakness, and to stir shit wherever and whenever there is any possibility at all.  Aside from shooting daggers with my eyes, I had pleasant conversation with the rest of the pleasant people.

Post Rotaract I went to the Bergmann to kick it with Miss P.  I was telling her about my crush on the hot legie.  I think the words, "Politics is foreplay" did indeed escape my lips.  I had some vodka tonics and was having fun, but declared that I would be going to the Alaskan.  My main reason for doing so?  Well, I mean, aside from the Alaskan being one of my favorite bars.  Hot legie.  

Apparently, when I put my mind to something.  When I really want something.  I can be pretty single minded.  

Anyway, went to the Alaskan with Miss B and at some point took leave of her and Miss PR to go join the legie table.  Maybe I should explain that legie = legislative aide.  Anyway, went and sat with Miss JC and Mr. NL and the legies.  It was fun.  Legie talk.  I'm just a legie groupie though, of course, since I was a day late on every lead I had.  Boo.  

At some point I found myself conversing with Hot Legie, hereon Mr. HL, and the following sort of exchange happened:

"Hey, it's Mr. HL, right?"
"We met a couple days ago.  Talked about Gerald Ford."
"I don't know anything about Gerald Ford.  Was it that he started drinking again?"
Blah. Blah. Blah. Work. Blah. Blah. Blah. Politics. Blah. Blah. Blah. Campaign. Blah. Blah. Blah.
"Wanna go smoke?"
"Actually I have to run home real quick.  Meet me [here] in ten minutes?"

Approximately 10 minutes later...


Smoking cigarettes.

"Wanna go up to my room and get warmed up, then we can smoke another, maybe?"

It's always refreshing to find that you are both angling for the same thing.  Anyway, Mr. HL is my new big crush.  Forget the others.  It just wasn't there.  Sorry.  

The next 90 days have some potential.  

Oh, and it has to be noted that, while we were making out (oh, scandal) there was the Alaska version of C-Span on in the background.  Remember what I was saying earlier in my conversation with Miss P?  Oh my.  Hilarious.

Today has been a chill day.  I napped.  I lounged.  I spent some time with Miss P.  Tonight I'm going to dinner with the ladies from the boutique and then going to Open Mic night.  Sounds good.  Also, Miss J will be out for a bit tonight.  That's always fun!

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